Trump’s WW III

This clarifying video, from Stormcloudsgathering, shows exactly the position this buffoon jew puppet in the White House has got us in.   I’ve included their transcript link.



It’s The Oil, Stupid

While the world claps its hands over its mouth in horror of a couple of kids shown being hosed off after a “shocking” fake gas attack and with Bin Laden “disposed” of and AlQaeda fiddling helplessly in the background while “ISIS” takes over the show, the real reason for this Syrian war has not been mentioned.

The oil and gas fields in Syria hold a strategic position in that country that Assad is well aware of.   The Assad family, having ruled Syria since 1971

have a sworn duty to protect not only its citizens but its rich resources, as well as its cultural heritage.   This fight for domination of the black lacquered veins running throughout Syria and Iran will bring trillions in revenue to the ultimate winner.   As mentioned in my other article, the demonizing of another nationalist leader, Assad, will eventually result in his downfall.    He will either resign to save what’s left of his country or will be “captured and executed” without trial, international or otherwise.




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