Condolences & Conspiracies

Our sociopathic (at the very least) President, who can’t even call a war widow & say how sorry he is for her loss without fucking it up, has decided to deflect attention from this by agreeing to release the long held information on JFK’s assassination.   Mike King’s excellent article ties it all together; make sure you click on his (here) links for full explanations.

From ABC News: transcript of Mrs. Johnson’s interview re: her phone call from President Trump:

Of course, our psychotic president can’t even say he’s sorry for being misinterpreted but continues to call her a liar.

Mike King:




Steps To Comey Firing

While I personally do not care for the androgynous Mz. Maddow, with her flapping hands like distraught birds, she lays out the precise timeline leading up to Thumper’s firing of the FBI Director.  It’s a bit long but stick through it:

Healthcare Gutted

While Republicans pass their version of the “healthcare” bill and spend their Rose Garden announcement slapping each other’s ass and jerking off, this is what the bill is all about.  Make sure you click on the links:

U.S. President Trump greets Speaker Ryan as he gathers with Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

Hopefully, this will die in the Senate.  Remember, the weaker, sicker and more frightened we are, the easier we can be controlled.

Trump Sucks Jew Cock

Leader of “free world” spreads for Israel in Holo-costing us forever – speech.

In other news, WH denies House request for Flynn documents for their investigation:

First Brat gets booed at Women’s Forum in Berlin:

Finally, it is my sad duty to remind us all that we have 4 years of this shit coming.