Joyce on Jewish psyops

Always something new to learn.

The West’s Darkest Hour

Fans of this blog may be familiar with my favourite article that explains the Jewish problem, one published in 1999 by the late William Pierce, ‘Seeing the Forest’. But to refute intellectuals like Nathan Cofnas and others, who claim that the Jewish problem is a hallucination of white supremacists, it is necessary to continue to write erudite articles that ratify what Pierce said almost twenty years ago.

Andrew Joyce is a heavyweight on the Jewish question. He recently wrote ‘Modify the Standards of the In-group: On Jews and Mass Communications’: an article published in two parts (here and here) on The Occidental Observer. It is an impressive piece of work that every sceptic of the Jewish problem should read. One of the commenters said: ‘This is the most important article by Dr. Joyce that I have read. I had no clue about this vital information’.


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The Horrific Final Solution: Exceeding Morgenthau’s Vicious Expectations The ‘Race’ To Expel 18 Million Ethnic Germans Begins Despite Even Truman & Churchill’s Reservations

Don’t even begin to think the jews are done killing. They will continue until all White “gentiles” are gone.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

On the train to Berlin she was pillaged once by Russian troops and twice by Poles…Women who resisted were shot dead, she said, and on one occasion she saw a guard take an infant by the legs and crush its skull against a post because the child cried while the guard was raping its mother… Infants were robbed of their swaddling clothes so that they froze to death.


Continuing from: The Early “Wild” Expulsions. One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II. The Allies carried out the largest forced population transfer—and perhaps the greatest single movement of people—in human history. A minimum of 12 million and possibly as many as 18.1 million Germans were driven from their homes because of their ethnic background. Probably 2.1 million or more of these German…

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Trump and the “safety of Israel”

Also read The Culture of Critique by MacDonald. He goes into detail about the jews infiltrating the US during the dates mentioned.


President Trump mentioned “creating safety for Israel” in referring to the topics that he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin in July.  Trump is following in the footsteps of former US presidents, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, in making service to Israel paramount in his foreign policy (while Reagan worked to bring about the end of the “evil empire” (USSR), he gave Israel a free pass to commit atrocities in Lebanon and acts of war against Iraq in the early 1980s).

Since taking office in January, 2017, President Trump has done several things that serve Israel’s interests but that do not serve the cause of peace and security.  Trump has twice now ordered cruise missiles launched against Syria (April, 2017, and again in April, 2018).  Technically speaking, those are acts of war.  Trump has unilaterally withdrawn the US from the Iran nuclear deal.  The remaining countries (parties) to the…

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holocaust: pro and con

This fantastic post pulls together many unknown books written decades ago by those dedicated to the truth. Read these while you still can. I will be checking to see how many are in PDF form. Thank you, Larry, for this great library.


Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent.  More than anything, the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.  –  William Mather Lewis

Editor’s note: As we are incessantly reminded of the holocaust on nearly a daily basis in today’s world (in part to shape or constrain the debate on various current issues), we believe the topic needs to be scrutinized at some length.  How the holocaust story is used has already been addressed previously on this blog.

In this post, we present some noteworthy books on the holocaust, and say a little about each one.  (We have read all of these books and others on the holocaust.)  At the end, we provide some links to relevant essays by other bloggers. (Read time is 20 minutes or more, best to read on a tablet or desktop personal computer.)

The Holocaust:…

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Federal Judge Rules It is Illegal to Tell Niggers to Get Jobs – Know Your Enemy – Anti-White Judges.

Lumping a few useless niggers in with the general population of Kentucky is very misleading. Medicaid covers low income (those working full/part time) disabled, children (CHIP), seniors, etc. Many of the people on Medicaid are already working or unable to because of disability, age or caring for young children.

Kentucky has some of the poorest towns in the country. If you look at the chart, you’ll see that Whites make up the majority of the population in these areas.

Andrew should fucking know better then to post lies like this. I’m sick of correcting whiny whites & their knee jerk reactions to everything. This doesn’t help us.

I am re posting this as a warning to other bloggers to keep your god damn facts straight.

Burned Alive, Covered In Excrement, Starved, Driven To Insanity: How The Allies Created The Greatest German Refugee Crisis For Women & Children, 2 Million Died Without Mercy

What the jews wanted then, they got. They gave us WW I & II. WW III is in the works. What will you do? We have no heroes now, only warnings.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Nursing infants suffer the most, as their mothers are unable to feed them, and frequently go insane as they watch their offspring slowly die before their eyes…

…Typhus was widespread throughout the entire transport and the number of deaths grew with each passing day…

The stated rationale during the war for the transfers had been to remove a cohort of dangerous Germans—above all, fit men of military age—who might threaten the security of the countries in which they lived. Instead, it had been women, children, and old men who had been deported, while the fit men had been held back for slave labor.

Editor’s Comment: The aftermath of WWII, known as “History’s Most Terrifying Peace”, is intentionally ignored or downplayed. The phrase “An Eye For An Eye” is most commonly evoked as justification. We invite readers to decide for themselves if this phrase is an accurate characterization of the…

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