holocaust: pro and con

This fantastic post pulls together many unknown books written decades ago by those dedicated to the truth. Read these while you still can. I will be checking to see how many are in PDF form. Thank you, Larry, for this great library.


Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent.  More than anything, the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.  –  William Mather Lewis

Editor’s note: As we are incessantly reminded of the holocaust on nearly a daily basis in today’s world (in part to shape or constrain the debate on various current issues), we believe the topic needs to be scrutinized at some length.  How the holocaust story is used has already been addressed previously on this blog.

In this post, we present some noteworthy books on the holocaust, and say a little about each one.  (We have read all of these books and others on the holocaust.)  At the end, we provide some links to relevant essays by other bloggers. (Read time is 20 minutes or more, best to read on a tablet or desktop personal computer.)

The Holocaust:…

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8 thoughts on “holocaust: pro and con

    1. Awesome posts. I will read and do the homework on your links. Thank you and may Gid bkess this mess.

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