Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented

My thanks to John Wear & all the others who have sacrificed & struggled over the years to bring the truth to us. We have frightened the stinking jews into passing “hate laws” in a belated effort to shut us up. Now in Europe you can be jailed. Let’s keep the truth going while we still can.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

“…the minimum estimate of 9.3 million Germans who died needlessly after the war. This is far more Germans than died during the Second World War. Millions of these Germans slowly starved to death while the Allies withheld available food. The majority of these postwar dead Germans were women, children and very old men. Their deaths have never been honestly reported…”

I have been asked the questions: “Why was the Holocaust story invented? Who benefits from this falsification of history?” This article will answer these questions.

Justification for War with Germany

World War II was by far the bloodiest and most destructive war in human history. Many people wondered whether all of the death and destruction caused by the war had been necessary.

The so-called Holocaust was used by the Allies to demonize Germany and prove that their war effort was necessary to defeat such an evil nation.

With the liberation…

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2 thoughts on “Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented

  1. Russians took over several former German camps after WWII, and in them, thousands of Germans were brutally experimented on and tortured and starved to death in Auschwitz and other former German-run camps AFTER WWII had officially finished. Much propaganda material was produced then that could be claimed to be images of Jewish prisoners being tortured, experimented on and starved to death.

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