Was Hitler Really a Dictator

My thanks & duty to all those who continue to publish the truth, where ever they may find it.

"Neues Europa"

Source: https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/dictator/dictator00.html

by Friedrich Christian, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Written in 1977. Published: Kritik: Die Stimme des Volkes, Issue 86;
Nordwind-Verlag © 1994.
Translated by Victor Diodon and published here by kind permission of the copyright owner.
Translation © 1998 by
The Scriptorium.

  1. Introduction
  2. The masses readily become a hangman…
  3. The „dictator“
  4. The fatal lack of understanding of human nature
  5. „Denazification Certificate trade“and self-deception
  1. The system of slander
  2. Slander: psychological genocide!
  3. Art, culture and social innovations
  4. The eternal ethical laws of nature
  5. A word to the slanderers themselves
  6. Conclusion
  7. Epilogue

Part 1 – Introduction

The American sociologist Robert S. Lynd said: „It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before.“

Since the beginning of this century, one campaign of lies after the other has been aimed at us Germans. No matter how often the great many untruths were…

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4 thoughts on “Was Hitler Really a Dictator

  1. Revisionists are making great progress in brining many hidden truths to light. Revisionist scholarship is more than just debunking the holocaust. It serves to correct the flaws and biases in Western historiography. That is a necessary and a good thing.

  2. There is a new website by Arthur Lee called identityfaith.org
    Could you please check it out, and if you like it, please tell your friends or consider linking to it. Even if you don’t agree with the spiritual part, we are still trying to help our people to become racially aware. I appreciate your help.

    Mike Miller – Tennessee

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