Putin Defies Jews (Again!!)

As usual, the jew owned media has been attacking Putin & Russia.  You’d better believe he is in the right.  The set up of the coming Middle East wars will eventually land on Russia’s doorstep.  Putin was overwhelmingly re-elected for a 6th term.  My thanks to Mike King for this article:


6 thoughts on “Putin Defies Jews (Again!!)

  1. But, we hear today that after Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow, that Russia is not going to be supplying its supposed ally, Syria, with missiles for defense. Some are now saying that Putin is not so independent as we would like to believe.

  2. Putin has been very cozy with Chabad Jews for as along as anyone can remember.

    The Jews have been bombing Syria for eleven years now (this is to say nothing of the ongoing Palestinian genocide), as well sending their snipers in from day one. They have a Mossad network there, as Jew have lived in Syria (and never kicked out of there) since ancient times. As far they are concerned they are just expanding their criminal enterprise, using the US military and their mercs. The have complete control over all oil and gas in Syria for some time now (3 years ago).

    I used to think more of Putin and used to believe he was a staunch Orthodox Christian (his spiritual advisor is Patriarch Kirill–the tobacco and alcohol billionaire–whom they are selling as a monastic. Last I checked, monastics do not own yachts and palaces and $35K watches).

    Please explain exactly how Russia has ever helped Syria, or any other country for that matter.

    Please google the Talpiot program and understand that all the internet, computers (intel for e.g.) is totally controlled by Jews and this his how they control all military, all wealth and all media world wide. Their hegemony is not due to the diaper wearing IOF, obviously.

    By their own admission, they do not consider gentiles to human, but lower than animals.

    So please explain why Putin invited Bibi, the Lithuanian Jew to Moscow to be his “honored guest” at the victory day parade? Talk about a slap in the face to all Russians and anyone who thought Russia might do some good.

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