Fake hate crime is an ancient Jewish tradition

Download & read the “source” book linked below in red. This historical record proves, again & again, the jews are liars & their father is the Father of Lies. Satan could pick no better demonic creatures to destroy the world then the stinking jews.

Diversity Macht Frei


When we read about the innumerable incidents of fake hate crime perpetrated by Jews – such as the Israeli teen who phoned in threats to American Jewish centres – few people realise that this is a time-honoured Jewish tradition. Even ancient chronicles, such as the “Armenian Chronicle”, record such incidents.

The Armenian Chronicle is one of history’s most important texts because it the only surviving contemporaneous chronicle covering most of the Middle East over the period in which Islam emerged. Believed to have been written a Christian Armenian bishop circa. 660 AD, it records how Jews manipulated the Arabs and Mohammed, encouraging them to invade Palestine, which until then had been under Christian control. This manipulation could even be said to constitute the creation of Islam.

When the Arabs had overrun Palestine at Jewish behest, the Jews then tried to trick them into killing the Christians who were resident there. How?…

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3 thoughts on “Fake hate crime is an ancient Jewish tradition

  1. The Jews are liars, that is demonstrably true. The Jews themselves put out population figures for world Jewry. These figures do not show a decline of millions from 1939 to the ;late 1940s. Thus, the Jews know their holocaust is a monstrous lie.

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