Uncovering Céline

A brilliant article. As is de Hewitt’s site. Read it all.

de Hewitt House of Publications

louis ferdinand celine (Large)

“To denounce something with violence, I have… simply said that… Beating up jews (by jew I mean anyone with a jew for a grandparent, even one!) won’t help, I’m sure, that’s just going around in circles, it’s a joke, you’re only beating around the bush if you don’t grab them by the strings [tefillins], and strangle them with them.”


louis ferdinand celine 2Louis Ferdinand  Céline was the pen name of Dr. Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouche27  May 1894 – 1  July 1961,  a French novelist, pamphleteer and physician. The name Céline was the first name of his grandmother. He developed a new style of writing that modernized French literature. He remains controversial to this day because of his virulent antisemitism, Holocaust Denial and racism. ~Wikipedia


The Jews’ sense of their own genius and talent has been mainstream around the world for a long…

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