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This excellent article by Mike King tells you where your money’s going & why it’s not coming back.


Inflation wave (4235 x 4505)





Famous French Novelist Fought jewish Takeover

Louis-Ferdinand Céline was the pen name of Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches a French novelist, pamphleteer and physician. He developed a new style of writing that modernized French literature.

Here is his online book, Trifles for a MASSACRE:

In even the recent past, more people spoke out against the jews then we are doing now, a clear indication of their take over of Western Culture and our acceptance of Marxism.


Review of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (James Murphy 1939)

Read the book. No mere review, however favorable, can do it the slightest justice. My thanks to fuhrerious88 for finding this and posting it.

Baptism of the West


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I am not here to put Mein Kamp (My Struggle) on a messianic religious text pedestal from the Esoteric Hitlerist perspective, I am here to give an objective review and analysis of the philosophical worldview (free of from the bigoted and distorted scrutiny that has been wrongly concocted of Hitler due to the inevitable status quo of the loss of the Axis during WWII) of arguably one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century and regarded by Post-WWII Fascist thinker Francis Parker Yockey as “the hero of the Second World War”. Adolf Hitler was a very intuitive patriot who saw his country diminishing into ashes through the Jewish Marxist’s usurping of the proletariat working class in Germany and the fall of the second Reich in favor of the Jewish-influenced Weimar Republic. Nobody had proposed an adequate pragmatic solution to the Marxist Question, with the bourgeois conservative circles…

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