7 thoughts on “We Are Not Afraid Of The Jews

  1. I think the fact they said so in public should put everyone who voted for this “moron” should sit up &take notice. Yeah, I know, most presidents did. Did Thumper? Who knows?? I think he was placed in office to sow chaos while the jewboys work in the background.

    1. Here is the catch: both Bushes have low credibility… So, a perceived “attack” by any of them to Trumpstein, it’s in fact an endorsment, in the minds of Trumpsters… You know how they work.
      We see a similar situation with Macri. While some of the criticisms of the Kirchnerists are indeed, founded, no one of his followers will believe them. They will just say: “you are corrupt thieves, you stole an entire GDP, STFU!” to their criticisms…
      Trump is the “white hope” of a lot of people who are disgusted with the bipartisan system of the USA. He ran as a Republican, yes, but he is a bit different… He LOOKS different from the rest of the Republican party members to the Trumpers, that’s enough for them… We know he is a fake, but they won’t see it. They REFUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE that fact.
      Same thing with Macri. Macri has been a businessman all his life, and before forming his party (back then in 2003 or 2005, I think) he was the president of the Boca Juniors football club… One of the most important football clubs of Argentina, in fact.
      Unlike Trumpstein, he has some political experience (he was the mayor of Buenos Aires from 2007-2015, served two terms of four years each). But he is still seen as an outsider compared to the classical politicians of our country. Macri is, at least on the papers, an engineer. Most of our ex-presidents are lawyers (like Menem, both Kirchners, and maybe even Alfonsin)…
      He has a different standing, due to he being a businessman who happens to hold a title of engineer as well. Some people believe (quite childishly) that he won’t steal monies from the State coffers. That’s bollocks, he is doing it. And he is helping his friends too to steal as well… And all while being one of the most hardcore zionist shills ever since the return of democracy in this country, to boot!
      Satanyahoo went to this country just a couple of months ago. Never before that an Israhelli PM visited this country. That’s a first… and that’s a signal of how things are going, too.
      TL;DR: Trumpstein is fake, Macri is fake, and no one of their supporters wants to acknowledge that fact. They might look like they are “challengers” against the rotten system, but they are part of it, too. Trump is part of the swamp, Macri is part of the corrupt cesspool of our country, too.

      1. Very perceptive. Your comment is great. I have to agree with you. Mostly controlled “opposition.” Being for or against something makes most people think they are smart and have cracked the code. In reality, they are just as brainwashed as the rest.

    2. when Hillary said “Israel killed 25,000 Arabs, when I’m president, I will let Israel kill 250,000!……that was the deal breaker for me….the Jew owned America destroyed Bernie and Paul

    1. I don’t know. Some people say he was a jew… from his mother’s side.
      Supposedly he learned about it very late in life, either when his mother was dying, when she told him about his real heritage… or a few years before his death. I think I’ve seen it in a Spanish source… maybe I have the .pdf file sitting somewhere in my HDD/SD card.
      (I am not necessarily saying that he was, only that the theory is out there).

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