Demonic Jews

“Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that – do not listen.”
The Exorcist
This excellent article by Mike King at Tomato Bubble warns us not to listen to the jews.   My thanks to Gas Mask who posted the link.



Don’t believe in demons??

You believe in the jews, don’t you????

33 thoughts on “Demonic Jews

  1. You know what? I believe that jews are the incarnation of all that is evil on this planet…… I won’t say what it’s needed to be done with them because you’ll lose your blog just like Rudolf lost his.
    But you can guess what I mean. They are agents of infection — nothing good is to be found among them.

  2. I’m glad you said that, this is some of what I will email you about later on. I looked up “incarnation of evil” to see exactly what is meant by that. I found this:

    Edge of time, the dawn of our heaven
    All is black the return of the fallen angel
    Amongst us, a devil is disguise
    The preacher of the wicked
    Establishing his kingdom”
    A million souls so lost and damned
    Alive but not so well
    And the devil raised his hand
    And sent them down to hell
    Just like your father held your hand
    He’s watching over his creed
    Damnation and death, they’ll burn in flames
    No matter how they plead
    To you, coming for your soul
    Just like a shepherd assembling his flock
    This one rules hell’s domain
    Satanic force, Lucifer’s power
    Attack, and he will reign
    To you, coming for your soul
    Into the night we will go
    Into the night we will go
    Out from the night he comes
    Saviour but black
    “Won’t you come, come and join us”?
    You had better!
    There’s no time to beg for mercy
    The devil says no, no
    You’ll be his faithful servant
    This time on earth
    Black is the devil, Antichrist
    The Tempter damned your birth
    Listen to the wicked, sell your soul
    Forever hell awaits
    Into the night we will go

    Songwriters: Leif Edling

    I think this describes the jews to a T.

    Here is the interview with Rosenthal. It’s very long but I need to read it along with you.

    1. I’ve read it… May I post it?
      I skimmed a bit (bah, I read it quickly), but it looks good…
      If there is something these fuckers are afraid of, is death. They are scared shitless of death.

      1. Well, damn, kid. Give me a second to catch up. Go ahead. It needs to be seen.

        PS: I HAVE been busy answer your posts, etc.

      2. Yes, I know… Thanks for the permission. 🙂
        I read it pretty fast, so I might reread it more slowly later…
        Basically, it says a lot of the things we’ve been saying too… His fellow jews probably killed because he spoke too much.
        They are like the Mafia… Geez, they ARE the Mafia. Bonded by blood, united till death.

      3. Hahahhaha, that’s true. Now I am listening to Von Thronstahl — it’s martial industrial.
        Yes, I have a couple of songs from Candlemass on my playlist as well. Not this one, though.

      4. Yup. They aren’t afraid of sacrificing one of their own if it furthers their goals.
        You might want to check my latest post on the Talmud. I didn’t find a complete version in Spanish, I only found extracts of it, but is better than nothing.

      5. Also, it sounds good. Thanks…!
        The lyrics don’t seem to be in the correct order, however. That’s too common, though. I find myself correcting them sometimes…
        Maybe I will post a song later… I still haven’t posted that jew book, I can’t find it in full in Spanish!
        Will post an extract anyway.

      6. OK, you’re excused. THIS TIME!! It’s 94° for the 3rd day in a row so am taking a break for a while, want to finish What is A Rune? and Hostage To The Devil, by Malachi Martin, an ex Jesuit priest. It’s a book on actual possession.

      7. Here it’s like 84 degrees too, so it’s kinda hot. Tomorrow it will go down like twenty degrees…
        And it has been windy these last days. Too windy, it gets annoying.

  3. I challenge a Christian to read the Talmud at every change I get…blacks and Hispanics are the wersest die hard kiss asses for the jews

    1. I laugh at your name, man.
      Now, in more serious matters, it pretty much applies to those judaized among us.
      And it’s a disgusting sight… If they only knew what the jews think of them…

      1. I’ve found a Scribd copy, but I don’t want to link to it, since Scribd usually asks for shekels for the subscription…
        I will see if I can find something similar to the English Talmud (free and searchable, well linked).

  4. Truly of Satan, they are. When God descended into man He gave grace & salvation for all humans throughout time. Jews, being demonic, reject & mock Jesus because they’ve been permanently rejected by Him when they rebelled. That’s why jews hate “Gentiles” so much, we have what they can never know.

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