Why We Oppose The Jews


Joseph Goebbels
The Minister of Political Propaganda under Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and one of the most prominent members of the Hitler government for his rhetorical abilities. He served as Chancellor of Germany for one day on April 30, 1945, following the suicide of Hitler.


The following article was published in the newspaper “Der Ingreif” on 30 July 1928, founded by the Nazi Information Minister Joseph Goebbels in Berlin in 1927 shortly after taking over the leadership of the Nazi Party, during which the article highlights the nature of anti-Semitic Nazism .

Magazine cover
Magazine cover

Why do we oppose the Jews?

We have opposed the Jews because we are the defenders of the freedom of the German people, the Jew is the cause of our bondage and the beneficiary. The Jew has abused the social tragedy of the broad sector of the masses to deepen the odious divisions between the right and the left within our people and to divide Germany into two halves. (The first world war) on the one hand, and the cause of the corruption of the revolution on the other.

The Jew has no interest in finding solutions to the fateful questions of Germany, and he can not be. He lives because these questions are not solved. If the German people became a unified society with the freedom to act in the world, the Jew would not have a place among us.

The Jew has the trump cards when people live under the burden of slavery externally and internally, not when they are free .

The Jew has the trump cards when people live under the burden of slavery externally and internally, and not when they are free, productive and confident. The Jew is the one who caused our tragedy and lives to this day.

That is why we nationalists, along with the socialists, oppose the Jews. The Jews have corrupted our lineage, polluted our morals, undermined our values ​​and broken our strength. The Jews are the reason why we have to this day become outcasts all over the world. The more we deal with safety, the more we become leprosy among us. When we lost our German identity, the Jews achieved victory over us and our future.

The Jew is wearing the mask of friendship in front of those who would like to betray them, and without the innocent victim noting that her neck has already been broken.

The Jew is not creative, he does not produce anything, he only trades in all the products from the worn out creations, the pictures, the precious stones, the grains, the mining shares to the peoples and the nations themselves.

Everything traded is stolen from somewhere and in some way, and as long as it is against the state it is revolutionary, and when it has power, it promotes peace and order to enjoy its theft.

What is the relationship of anti-Semitism to socialism? Let me ask the opposite: What is the Jewish connection to socialism?

Socialism is the doctrine of action.

When did one see a Jew working instead of looting, stealing, corruption and winning the race of others? We Socialists who oppose the Jews because we see in Judaism the embodiment of capitalism, which means abuse of wealth of the people.

What is the relation of anti-Semitism to nationalism? Let me ask the question, on the contrary, what is the Jewish connection to nationalism?

Nationalism is the doctrine of blood and race.

The Jew is the enemy, the common denominator of blood, and the destroyer of our descendants. We are the nationalists who oppose the Jews because we see in Judaism the eternal enemy of our national dignity and our ethnic freedom.

The Jew is not creative, he does not produce anything, he only trades in all the products from the worn out to the peoples and nations themselves.

The Jew is a human being, and none of us has any doubt about it, but we are only questioning whether he is a decent human being, and he has no smooth relations with us.

We are persecuted and intimidated by the Jew in ways that are not human, to what kind of people belongs to the Jew?

If someone slaps your mother with whips on her face: Will you say thank you, you are a human being, of course this is not a human being but a monster. How many bad things the Jews did against our German nation and still do to this day!

“There are white Jews.” Of course, there are also enough spoilers who live among us, even if Germans are using immoral methods to suppress their comrades in race and blood.

But why do you call them white Jews? That label assumes that there is something worthy of contempt in Jewish nature, and that is actually what we think. Why do you ask why we oppose the Jews when you are also opposed to them without realizing it?

“Being anti-Semitic is not Christian.” Being a Christian means allowing the Jews to continue to rule and watch them remove the skin from our bodies and then imitate what they do. Being Christian means loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself! My neighbor is my companion in blood and race. If I love him, I should hate his enemy. Whoever thinks as a German citizen should despise the Jews.

Christ also realized that love is not the solution to all situations, when Christ drove out cashiers outside the temple did not say: O boys, love each other! But he grabbed whips and chased them.

We oppose the Jews because we affirm the existence of the German people. The Jews are our greatest calamities. That will change if we are real Germans.


This has been Google translated from the original Arabic from this site:


My thanks to Smoloko & Gas Mask for first posting this.


3 thoughts on “Why We Oppose The Jews

  1. Judaism is not biblical.Yahweyism was.Jews and Muslims are world domination ppl.Communism is too.America is in trouble and whites are punked out 2nd class ppl now.

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