I Am Done With Twatter

Twitter locked my account for the second time over my response to this tweet:

Tweet 1 of 1

@Alexstclaire171 Why any White parent would have a trashy nigger cunt watch their child is beyond me. This is what you get. STOP interacting with niggers!
If you feel that your account has been locked in error, you can appeal by contacting our support team here.
My exchange with them here:

Your account features will remain locked or limited for the allotted time due to violations of the Twitter Rules (https://twitter.com/rules), specifically our rules around abuse.
Thank you,


You can take your jew owned Twatter platform and shove it. Meanwhile, you brainwashed jew and nigger lovers can delete my account, and I will continue to expose both shitcan races on any platform I can find.
And no, I’m not deleting my tweet.
And this response to it from friend 313chris:

Twatter is an internet ghetto. Little more than World⭐️Star HipHop™ + Trump tweets. I only use it to tweet my blog entries whenever I publish a new one. Gab isn’t much better for that matter — kosher infestation at near critical mass, and censorship becoming more blatant by the day.


24 thoughts on “I Am Done With Twatter

  1. Well, sucks. But it also exposes the left as the true shit they are. You must be doing something right if they find you annoying, I think.
    And now I have Gaybee cloning my name and using it on other sites. Yeah, definitely we must be doing something right, miss.

      1. The shill at NoDisinfo that pesters Rudolf. AKA Gabriel. He lurks his blog as well, and it seems that he clones the nicks of commenters on Rudolf’s blog. Since I comment there he has decided to use my nick as well.
        Poor kid, he seriously needs to get a life.

  2. Hahahahaha! Yeah, right. With the jews controlling our education system for the past 70 years, do you really think that will happen?

    1. I am not much worried, either. He is a poor kid that should get a life. If I am mentioning him now, it’s only because Rudolf told me that he is spewing shit with my name in NoDisinfo. I don’t even lurk there, so, it’s not that much of an inconvenience.
      Gabriel seems to do the same shit with any poster that comments on Rud’s blog. What a bored limp dick he is.

  3. I used to go to Nodisinfo all the time but he considers EVERYTHING a hoax so I don’t bother any more. He tagged a photo with incorrect information one time and I had to correct him. He grudgingly fixed it.

    Limp dick, hahahahaha!

  4. Cartier, please check this… and read the comments:
    It works. I have been able to get inside. People are posting, commenting, etc.
    Read the comment of searingreverie, if you are going to read only one comment. It mentions something that these instructions do not state, and that is crucial to make them work and get into SF.
    At least, for the time being, I have been able to read posts there.
    It’s fundamental that you uncheck that read-only attribute from the .hosts file! If you do not, you will just modify an ersatz file called hosts.txt, thus rendering the instructions useless!
    Right click on the .hosts file, then go to Properties, then, uncheck the read only box and Apply.
    And do not forget to open Notepad (after you have done this step) as Administrator. Or you will find out that you can’t save it (found it the hard way, due to forgetfulness, hahahahaha!)

  5. Thanks for all this, GM, but I was never a fan of SF, not because I didn’t like them but have to many other things to do. Besides, I’m afraid of blowing up my computer. Hahahahaha!

      1. I more than appreciate it, sweetie, but frankly the instructions are too confusing: do this, but wait……..don’t forget to do that……and if it doesn’t work……..do this again….but wait…….if the read only is checked don’t for get to uncheck it…..but wait……if it’s unchecked in file.ex…….don’t forget to………..don’t want to go crazy! Hahaha!

      2. Well… after that person searingreverie gave the heads up about deactivating the read-only attribute of the .hosts file… it was easy peasy for me, hahahahahaha!
        They should list it as a step 0, in fact.

  6. Cartier…
    If I don’t appear that much around here, or if I do not reply, it’s because my mobile carrier (which is also my internet carrier) has went tits up.
    So I must limit my visits around here. You see I might merely reblog one or two things.
    Now I am using the WIFI from a cafeteria, so I am pretty much limited on time.
    Until my carrier fixes its shit, I won’t go much on WP.
    Just giving you a heads up…

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