Judgement Day for the entire nation

Never forget that the jews want a world without gentiles. This is their goal, their holy work and their redemption. Read the OT: blueprint for our coming slaughter. NT: jew written poison to weaken the White Race.

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please read through this carefully, and pay particular attention to those sections highlighted in red.

As we say here often, those who engage in the ridiculous assertion that Judaism and the toxic thought processes that it produces are inconsequential to the bigger events taking place on the world stage do so at the peril of the entire planet. Judaism is not some tangential philosophy being practiced by just a handful of cultists living in some remote mountainous area no one has ever heard of. It is LITERALLY the operating system of all Western politics/policies these days and maintains a stranglehold over the economic, cultural, military and media levers of western society, which is THE dominant player on the world stage these days.

Having said this, it is important to remember that the manner by which these rabbis carry themselves, in a very unassuming way, dressing very modestly, not living…

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8 thoughts on “Judgement Day for the entire nation

  1. I’d say for the entire world. They sure are crazy, look at the chutzpah they have! Fuck them all!
    They literally believe that they are better than everyone else in this world. Fuck them all!!

    1. Extermination will be better, yes.
      They are cunning, not even so smart.
      Cunning motherfuckers willing to exploit non-jews’ naivete, that’s what they are! Plus they stick as one man, despite their internal dissents and doubts they might have.

      1. Yes, their tribalism is what makes them work. We don’t have it anymore. Plus, our acceptance of jew christianity has totally weakened us. We don’t even see the enemy anymore. Too busy turning the other fucking cheek.

      2. Hahahahahaha!! Sorry, I just imagined that Matt 5:6 said literally: “Never forget they wrote the fucking bible.”
        But really, they just did. Its history is fishy (no pun intended) at best, murky at worst.

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