Jews, Jesus & Rome


In this passionate and perceptive comment from Gas Mask in an email, he points out the motivation and tribal ties of the jews.     For more information on the jews & Christianity, read this PDF:

Gas Mask:

They hate everyone who is not like them. That’s why they have been able to pull it out for so many years. They have that dedication to rule borne from hate. Truly evil scumbags.
Remember that Judaism is a tribalistic cult. It may have some converts, but they generally discourage those conversions. You know the drill.
Judaism is a matter of blood and genes. Yet, they are a mishmash of every race that walks on this planet. It doesn’t matter, for the case it’s the same.
They are clever bastards… I think that “Judaism” the cult, was established some time AFTER they became such a mishmash of races… Who knows. It has kept them united for over 3,000 or 4,000 years anyway. And since they are a mishmash of the most degenerate stripes, with (somehow) more than their fair share of Asian intelligence and lack of empathy, they have been able to pull it out.
Take the viciousness of the Negro races, the cleverness and lack of empathy of the Asians, and the will of Whites, and you will have an approximate rendition of them. Combine it with the fast-talking, peddling skills of Semitic peoples, and presto, you have a jew!
We have to get back to them… Or better put, we have to cast off all the jewish poison from our minds. Then, we have to think only of ourselves as a race. I don’t see other way out.
Enough of stupid jew gods and book wankery. Enough of helping people who are not our own. The universalist message of Christianity has been our doom. You see it as cucked White guys adopt niglets or go to some fucking lost village in Africa. WTF.
Yet, you see people insisting in “Christ was White, not jewish”. “Christ expelled the merchants (jews) from the Temple”. “Christ was killed by the jews because jews are evil and he was good”. “Christ rode a purple unicorn”. Yadda, yadda, yadda… They try to salvage the jewish cult that has been our doom. If it has something good it was because Whites tried to uncuck it, and it was done so it could be more palatable to the rest of us.
You also see that the book (the Bible) is basically, impossible to follow. Contradictory. If Papa Yahweh dictated it, he was forgetful as hell, to say the least. And the “put the other cheek” thing it’s just retarded.
We had our set of morals before the jews came with their papa Yahweh and their forgeries and tales of magic jews.
The problem is that the Romans back then, did make slaves out of the vanquished peoples. Remember that, if I am not mistaken, Titus sacked the jude temple. And he made lots of prisoners, and there were already slaves in Rome… Can you see where I’m going?
There were rich and educated jews in parts of Greece. That’s why the Apostles have Greek sounding names… They forged the accounts of the supposed Jesus deeds (because most, if not all of them were written several decades after the last apostle died) with Greek names.
However, those rich jews needed the rabble to follow them. They had lots of rabble there in Rome and other important cities of the Roman Empire…
And also, the mofos are clever and serviciable in such a way they kiss ass. Yet, they hate you. The Romans probably used them for a lot of stuff. They were better than some nigger that only had brawn and not brain at all.
Remember Flavius Josephus. He was a famous historian, maybe the most famous jewish historian in Ancient Rome.
But you also have to ask yourself: What happened to us (specially to the Ancient Romans) to allow this alien cult to take hold? I think that, somehow, the seeds were planted a bit before the jews came in.
You have to bear in mind the conditions of the Roman Empire. It was big, it was powerful… and was less and less rooted with each passing year.
Remember that the jews are very good at exploiting people weaknesses. In fact, they are the best at it.
Ancient Rome was becoming with each passing year a mishmash of races and ethnicities. Not so different from what we have nowadays in our megacities.

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