Ernst Zundel 1939-2017



Ernst Zundel passed away quietly at his home in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany,  Saturday, August 5.   He was 78.  Murderbymedia3 announced this sad news this morning.



The jews wasted no time in hissing and spitting on the man who frightened them so badly.


Ernst Zundel deserved agony, not a quiet exit

Bonokoski 2016



Ernst Zundel
Ernst Zundel is flanked by supporters during an appearance in Toronto in a 1992 file photo. German authorities have confirmed that far-right activist Zundel, who was deported from Canada and served jail time in Germany for denying the Holocaust ever happened, has died. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bill Becker)

As historical footnotes go, one of my proudest contributions was the exposing of Ernst Zundel as a neo-Nazi.

From that point onward, the secret world of this notorious Toronto-based anti-Semite began to unravel, leading to years in court fighting extradition as a security risk, and finally his deportation to a German jail where he served time for inciting racial hatred and for being a Holocaust denier, a criminal offence in Germany.

It has been learned, through a posting by his estranged wife, that Zundel — odious to the core — died of a heart attack Saturday at age 78 at his home in Germany’s Black Forest where he lived after his release from prison in 2010 following five years of incarceration.

In the end, he had been deported from both the United States and Canada, and was wanted by no one.

Germany had no choice. Zundel was one of theirs.

It began for me in 1978 when a TV mini-series on the Holocaust saw the sudden appearance of Ernst Zundel being quoted in all the media as a legitimate and seemingly benign spokesman for a group called Concerned Parents of German Descent, who argued that the Second World War was long over, and that Germans were being tarnished yet again by the sins of their forefathers.

Who in hell was this Ernst Zundel?

As I would soon uncover and expose, he was the author, among many hate-filled pamphlets, of a recently published 120-page book called The Hitler We Loved and Why, which he had written under the nom-de-plume of his two middle names, Christof Friedrich.

It was printed and distributed by White Power Publications (WPP) in Reedy, West Virginia.

Its editor, George Dietz, convinced by my ruse that he and I shared similar ideologies, admitted in a phone conversation that Ernst Zundel and Christof Friedrich were the same.

A review of Zundel’s book, published in the neo-Nazi Liberty Bell magazine, which was also a product of WPP, read as follows:

“(Friedrich) leaves no doubt about it. Hitler was well loved and loved in return, but this relationship between the Leader and his people was not the gushy, sickly-sweet effusion of an obese Jewish mother for her pimply, draft-dodging son. This was Aryan love. Strong, steady and uplifting.

“Out of the rubble for a nation laid waste by the Jews, the Fuehrer built an orderly, corruption-free, economically vibrant and morally-pure society in which our men were manly.”

In Zundel’s mind, like in the mind of like-thinking neo-Nazis, the death of six million Jews in German extermination camps was a hoax, and Hitler was “a type of risen German Christ, a faith figure in the eyes of his people.”

Within hours of that column hitting the newsstands of the day, complete with that review of Christof Friedrich’s essay on Hitler love, Ernst Zundel’s jig was up. His days as a credible media spokesman were over.

By the next morning, he was forced to admit on the CBC that he and Christof Friedrich were one and the same and, before long, a series of criminal courts became his second home.

When Zundel was eventually released from that German prison, he complained his cell was no better than a “chicken coop.” Compared to the concentration camps where six million Jews lived and died, however, it was a five-star hotel.

The fact that he was able to die at home in Germany, of natural causes, and apparently in robust health up until the heart attack hit, is just another example of how life isn’t fair.

He deserved agony, but got none.

I will be writing to this asshole at gmail, I hope the rest of you do, too.

48 thoughts on “Ernst Zundel 1939-2017

  1. Don’t tell me, tell him. I listed his email. Don’t forget to copy/paste your email so we can see what you said. I’ll be writing him after lunch.

    1. I am writing to him right now. I will try to keep it civil, although a part of me wants to insult him down to his grand-grandmother generation. He is a disgusting person… if you can call him like that.

    1. Oh miss, I am writing a long testament… I am still not done. This is turning into another of my rants that I have the nerve to call essays. Dude!! He won’t read it at all, I think! He will get tired at halfway the email and will delete it. Or maybe I will witness massive amounts of oy vey, silly goy! Hahahahahaha!

  2. Good for you, but if I may make one admonishment: don’t try to prove the holocaust a hoax to him, he knows it. He’s read some of Zundel’s works. Don’t forget to post it here.

    1. Oh… So he knows. Good info, Cartier. I was exposing those inconvenients factoids to him… Look, I will post the draft here. I haven’t still sent it. You OK with that?

  3. Dear Mr. Bonokoski,

    Your relief yet disappointment in Mr. Zundel’s natural passing is obvious in your bitter tirade of an article.

    He scared the hell out of you guys, didn’t he? While I don’t care to debate the Holocaust with you, the simple and impossible logistics of a nation fighting a war on three fronts, killing & disposing of 6 million bodies cannot be questioned.

    I am studying Hebrew in order to read your extensive Talmud in the original. Do you have any links or books I may retrieve in order to facilitate my study?

    It is my understanding from studying your religion, that the 6 million figure comes from the Kabbalah that teaches that your messiah will not come until 6 million Hebrews have been murdered. If this is wrong, please direct me to the correct information. It is also my understanding that Zionists and perhaps all jews, want an eventual world without Gentiles. As shown here:

    Please be assured that we will not be cowed into extermination while our murderers hide behind a lie.

    Kind Regards,
    Cartier McCloud

    I could have cursed his nasty ass out but that would have him delete without really reading my email. I also asked a few questions in an effort to get him to reply.

    1. True that. I have to finish mine. I could get into low level trolling, I’d had finished the message much faster then, but let’s show them that not all of us are “evuul trolls” and idiots who can’t spell beyond 1337 speak level.

      1. He wrote me back:

        Mark Bonokoski
        16:33 (11 minutes ago)

        to me
        You mistake me for being Jewish. I’m not.

        Sent from my BlackBerry – the most secure mobile device – via the Bell Network
        Sent: August 7, 2017 7:19 PM
        Subject: Ernst Zundel Death

        Cartier McCloud
        16:41 (2 minutes ago)

        to Mark
        I do so beg your pardon, however, your blind acceptance of the Holoco$t myth makes you easily mistaken for one and your cruel denigration of Ernest Zundel makes you a pathetic jew tool.

        A little research would show you what a fool you are. The truth needs no laws to protect it.


  4. I received another reply:

    Mark Bonokoski
    17:33 (4 minutes ago)

    to me
    I do so beg your pardon as well. I should have called you a blinkered asshole right at the beginning. Over and out, you gullible twit.

    1. My answer:

      Dear Mr. Twit,

      Or do you prefer gullible?

      It’s obvious that sucking jew cock keeps your mouth too full to defend your stance in any reasonable & logical manner.

      Miss McCloud

      1. He hasn’t replied to me yet. I guess he is too busy insulting you! Hahahahahaha!
        Oh, the tolerant crowd… They never change.
        Also, how is that two “evuul Nationalsocialists” who yell at jews on blogs are more professional than paid journos on their replies? I don’t get it.

  5. That’s what happens when you suck jew cock. Hahahaha!

    BTW, I am not a nationalsocialist. I am for the White Race only.

  6. He posted his article on his Google+ account; I left this comment:

    I’m sure you enjoy the endless slaughter of the Palestinians by the jews who stole their land. You do know that a Palestinian is not worth “a single Jewish fingernail,” don’t you? If you’re going to be a fake jew, you have to agree with these things. Do you send Israel guns and money, too?

    1. He wished he could but I think he is too poor for that… I don’t think that being a Gentile journalist pays much. Maybe that’s why he is sucking their cocks so hard. He wants a raise.

  7. He’ll probly ban me. That’s what Rudolf did when I challenged him to prove his re post of a video that claimed cell phones cause cancer.

    1. A shame. I am still waiting for his reply though. Maybe he has deleted it. It is a really long email.
      And maybe he didn’t like the email subject… Hahahahahahaha!!

  8. Hopefully they post it here, like I asked. But people are lazy, it’s easier to just reblog stuff then come up with it on your own.

  9. I wasn’t referring to you, sweetheart. I’m a voracious reblogger, too, but only stuff I find relevant, like your posts.

    What i meant was, when it comes time for real fighting, even if it only consists of calling out an asshole in an email, most are just too damn lazy to get into to it. Yes, this battle’s exhausting most times, but think of what Zundel, Duke and others have had to endure for their exposure of the truth. Can’t we, too, do some little bit?

    Did I tell you I harass jews and muzzies? Whenever I see a stinking jew on the bus or street, I say: Hey jewboy, the holocaust is a hoax & you know it. When I see a female muzzie, I lean over & whisper in her ear: Mohammad rapes little girls.

    One time I was on the bus and 2 jewboys, young, were sitting in the front side seats. An elderly lady got on and had to stand. I said: Hey, jewboy, get up and give that old woman a seat. They got up. When she demurred, I yelled at her: “I fought for you, sit down!” She sat, haha!

    And yes, she was White.

    How many others are doing anything? Do they think fighting the shitty jews consists of a few fucking reblogs??

    What’s going to happen when there’s real blood in the streets? I’m actually a kind of a coward, I prefer the safety of the keyboard, but give me a baseball bat and I’ll take a few out. They may take me down but I’ll go out with their god damn blood under my fingernails.

    1. The more I read about Zündel (not that I didn’t know who he was before his passing) the more I realize that we are sitting on the shoulders of giants. Same goes with Duke, Faurisson and a long etc.
      These people really had to endure (and some of them still have to endure) the attacks of International jewry. Things had gotten pretty physical for them.
      I was told by Murder that Zündel had his house burnt down. I didn’t know that, yet, I am not surprised. And Faurisson was hit by a mob of jews (I made a reference to it on my email to shabbos journo). And Pedro Varela, a Spanish bookseller, was jailed for five years… His crime? Selling politically incorrect books.
      And I could still go on and on.
      Reblogging it, or sending an email is a thing that requires a very little effort, compared to what they do. Yet, it’s necessary. Their job has made our job easier. In fact, neither you nor I, nor anyone else could speak about the Holohoax being a hoax if it wasn’t for them. You know.
      Our actions, may seem little (and they are, compared to theirs). Yet they are important too. And what you posit is very true too. If we can’t take this… how the hell are we supposed to fight on the streets?
      We can do what we want, yet. But there will come the way that we will have to move a bit more “underground” and physical at the same time.
      Last night, I was speaking to Signasupervestes (the Spanish blogger that you may have seen on my site) about Internet censorship. Things are going to get real, and we will probably have more trouble spreading our message on Youtube, for example. Yet, we will have to be creative. We discussed several ways of getting the message across, and what this does imply for us.
      I understand there are going to be hardships down the way. Yet, it is a signal that our efforts are not in vain. We are winning, or starting to win, and we need to up the ante. We can not fail now.
      They are scared. They know that we know their game and are willing to fight. That’s why we have to show them that this is just the beginning! We can’t falter now!!
      And I didn’t know about your encounter with the jewboys. The little punks got served right… Hahahahahahaha!!

  10. Yes, you are right, and reblog of a reblog of a blog is necessary and true, but I stand by my comment that we have to do more, even if it’s on our own and no one knows about it.

    Keep us posted on your conversation with the Spanish blogger, maybe we can all come up with something better. I don’t know how to do videos so I’ll leave that to you guys.

    Yes, you’re right, the jews are getting frightened and tightening their grip. They’ve already gotten Amazon to ban most revisionist books, like Mike Kings.

    And yes, other bloggers have made our job easier but that’s only because of the internet. Zundel, Duke & Mullins have fought the jews for decades, long before computers came around. We have to think outside the box, how would we work without the net?

    1. I don’t know how to do videos either. Don’t know about Signa, and anyway, I’d need better equipment than the things I have… But I am better at writing stuff. In fact, I’d read an article than watch a video. I tend to absorb information faster that way… I’m very strange… Hahahahaha!
      We were discussing about the ways of how could we circumvent censorship on the net, and mirror content, for example. And our convo is entirely in Spanish, so it can’t help you much as it is.
      My recommendation for now: download everything you can and keep backups. You see the item on gun control there in… it went bust. That’s why I got so glad (and angry, at the same time) that I downloaded it. Now it cannot be done. And that’s just an example…
      You point stands true, too. We need to get more physical as well.
      How would we do it…?
      We have to think as we were subversives, because, in a way, we are.

      1. You always make me feel better no matter how fucked up I get. Much appreciated. Yes we are subversives. And I know sometimes we have to work in secret. I’ll check Archives. Sometimes it’s easier to get it from a video, I prefer reading, however. Both help.

      2. Thanks for the link, Cartier. I told you that I was shutting down but I am still here… Hahahahahaha!!
        Now I am going to sleep. Good night.

  11. Zundel now celebrates a noble life lived as a welcome Warrior of Truth in Valhalla.

    One could muse that the fires of hell await this snake bonokoski, but those who know know that there is no afterlife for those of the tribe. They are forever condemned to the hell they create for themselves here on Earth.

    Despicable creatures that they are.

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