“Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy

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“Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy while playing golf) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war”.

-The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952  p129

Full text of “How The Jews Forced   America Into World War II


by William Anderson

In the years before World War II, the American public had no
desire to go to war in either Europe or Asia. We, as Americans, had no
interest in warring with Germany, Italy or Japan. Yet America was
forced to battle the Axis Powers for four long years at the sole behest
of International Jewry.

In fact, World Jewry commenced its war against Germany in 1933,
the year Hitler came to power, even before he had time to begin im-
plementing a program for pulling Germany out of its own economic

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19 thoughts on ““Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy

    1. Could be… If it happens, be sure than the Chinese won’t like it that much.
      Trump is too hot-headed. Hillary is murderous and cold blooded but Trump is batshit insane… He gives me that vibe.
      North Korea on itself it’s not that dangerous. NK fatty (sorry, can’t remember his name) is more bark than bite.
      The problem it’s the Chinese, and possibly the Japanese and the South Koreans.
      I recall my father telling me “they let the Korean dude jump and scream”, in the sense that North Korea is more a laughing stock, than anything.
      The jews pull their strings everywhere. It could be a bluff, it could be a cold war, it could be a war… Hard to tell at this point.
      And anyway, you guys have too many problems inside the States, to add another war to your list of issues.

      1. Yeah, Thumper is fucking insane, in the clinical sense of the word. However, I think the generals in the WH will keep him in check regarding starting a war somewhere. China, Japan and India have a lot to lose if a NK war breaks out. I think Fatso is just poking the bear for now.

        Thanks for your thoughtful answer.

      2. Yes… It’s a good psyop. As you say, the Muslim scare it’s getting kinda worn out.
        North Korea it’s a laughing stock, and they have their citizens half starved… Hmmmm. Maybe it’s gonna be another of those wars that are done for the sake of “democracy”. Anyway, Americans have little business there, and if they are into it, it’s becuse of the jews.

    1. They are playing their strings everywhere… Even here where I live. Macri is an A+ class zio-shill, and the society is very divided between him and CFK (Cristina Kirchner). People fail to see that they are all jews who have no loyalty to our country. You see Macri shills and Kirchner shills everywhere where you can comment. It’s sickening.

  1. I know, but we have to work around them as we can. Jews put our buffoon president in as a distraction while they fuck us over elsewhere, that’s why I think it’s important to watch NK, China & Russia. Anyone who’s read King’s The War Against Putin knows that the demonization of him is a jew card being played against us. I think some shit’s going down during this presidency, however long it lasts.

    1. To be honest, I don’t trust much Putin either… I see him as another jewish puppet. He may have longer strings, compared to the puppets of the Western governments, but he is still a puppet. But I think I see the point that you are trying to make…
      Putin demonization it’s a ghost of the Cold War era. That is, demonizing the Russians and Putin it’s another psyop played on Americans.
      It’s a remake of the Cold War again, and this time, it could degenerate into a Hot War… Anyway, the Cold War had that threat looming too, that’s why it worked so well as a psyop.

  2. You might be right, maybe I’m too hung up on King’s research. But anyone the Western MSM demonizes tells me they’re one of the good guys who won’t kiss jew ass. Like Assad in Syria, so the jews are destroying him and his country. And because Assad asked for Russia’s help, they are more demonized then ever. Here’s the latest from King:


    I’m still backing Putin. If you know the history of Russian & how Putin managed to get his country back on track from the jews, you’d understand. I know I’ve given you several miles of books to read but King’s War On Putin is vital to understanding what’s going on now. It was published in 2014.

    1. You might be right… I will probably check King’s book.
      To be honest, reading your link has made me more of a fence-sitter than I already was an hour ago (and other things as well).
      Putin might be really skilled at playing the jews. I don’t know, to be honest.
      My previous comment sounds like I have a fixated stance, I know. But in fact, I have been considering this other stance (the “he might be very good at playing them”) for some time… I’m unsure.
      Got to eat and run an errand in a couple of minutes, so I’ll leave it at this.

  3. You don’t always have to agree with what I say. You are brilliant in your own right & I always consider what you speak of, whether I agree or not.
    I don’t believe Putin interfered in our 2016 elections. What good would it do him?? Did he interfere with nigger Obama? No. Just as our “intelligence” agencies said Assad gassed his own people, it turned out to be a hoax. This is also a hoax to make Russia look like the enemy. Never forget the Bolshevik jews slaughtered 66 million White Russians 1918-1957. Putin will never let this happen again and the jews know it. They are looking to start WW III with Russia via Syria/NK. If they can destroy Russia, they will own the world.

    The truth will shake out in the end, however, we may not have that much time.

    1. I know. I never believed that Putin canard either… It’s too stupid to even consider it. Why would he do it?
      But I have been considering that stance of “Putin playing chess” for some time too. To me, he is a mystery, to say the least.
      Sometimes I like to entertain several stances on a subject, although I might espouse one of them… That doesn’t mean I’m an eternal doubter, however.
      Consider that I’m somewhat linear in my thinking. That’s why Putin baffles me, if he is really on our side.

  4. He is a mystery to everyone, he doesn’t advertise himself. Yes, he is the master chess player, that’s how he’s succeeded in 3 elections. As to the Russian collusion and meetings with Thumper’s sons, etc. there are many factions in Russia who hate Putin and want to see him gone. They will do anything to demoralize our presidency (thumper demoralizes himself) and distract from the real agenda.

    I think Putin may only be on the side of Russia, as he should be. Trade & diplomatic relations with the US would be to both our benefits but the jews can’t have that. Never forget the jews are tirelessly working in the background of everything. Putin knows this better than anyone.

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