Do I believe in the 6 gorillions..?

Everything you think you know is a lie.


11 thoughts on “Do I believe in the 6 gorillions..?

  1. Some differences in the figures with the above from other sources, but we get the point and it is valid. 4.5 million Jews under German control at the peak of their power, and after 40 years they closed the reparations window in the late 1980s and 4.3 million Jews had filed claims as “Survivors”. Obviously, 6 million did not die. And, it seems that there were some Jews who were filing survivor claims and had also been counted as murdered Jews.

    Last week, another blogger who accepts the official tale responded to my comment, that the forensic examinations at the “death camps” did not support the official story, by saying to the effect that I should know better that most of the killings were done by the Wehrmacht and action killing squads (aka Einzatsgruppen) and not in the camps. But, that is crap, too. They get some east European peasants in front of a camera and give them a script and they read it. They say the Germans killed huge numbers. Then returned later in the war and dug up the bodies and burned them. It is all bull.

    1. I can’t believe there are still people out there like your blogger. And he offers no proof. Did you point out the Bolshevik murders of about 66 million White Christians in Russia between 1917 and 1958 as recorded by Solzhenitsyn? And the hundreds of millions starved to death by their communist leaders in China, Korea & Ukraine? Don’t give me his link cause I’ll rip him a new asshole.

  2. Yes. Few people can wrap their heads around the fact that jews are systematically killing all Whites. I lost a “lover” and correspondent in England because, while he knew the jews controlled us, he refused to accept their real agenda. One day I’ll show you the nasty emails he sent me after I dumped him for comparing me to a jew in an argument we were having over some political crap.

    1. Well, I can’t wrap my head over the fact that he couldn’t understand that…
      Jews control us… for what it’s gonna be for? For showing us the way*?? WTF!
      What kind of people lets itself be controlled like that? What does it tell of that people…?
      That they are willing slaves. Even if the jews didn’t want to kill us, it’s bad enough.
      Slaves have no rights, nor dignity.
      *and yes, the motherfuckers sometimes like to be prancing around because, supposedly, they gave us a set of morals or something. As if they really have to show us how to live. Fuckers. And those who follow them, willingly or not, are mentally colonized.

  3. Exactly. You know, people reveal their true selves and how they actually feel about you when you have an argument or when trouble comes to you. He certainly revealed his true nature to me and how he felt. I was “with” him for 1 1/2 years. Glad it’s over.

    1. I tend to think the same… When people get angry, they sometimes say the things they think but aren’t willing to tell you when things are… smooth sailing. It’s like those things get onto the surface or something.

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