Dunkirk Movie Jew Lie

The following review by Mike King shows the truth of this new continuation of the jew owned Hollywood lies.  My thanks to  FUHRERIOUS88 for first posting it.


Here is the PDF of the German Foreign Office paper Allied Intrigue In The Low Countries.




14 thoughts on “Dunkirk Movie Jew Lie

  1. If the Brits had read Mein Kampf they would have known that Hitler didn’t hate the British, in fact, it was quite the opposite.
    Dunkirk was one of the Führer’s mistakes, and that one could have been easily avoided to… His sympathies for Great Britain got in the way, thus, his goodwill act got carried. Sadly, the British didn’t respond in the same way to him and Germany.
    Now they are paying it quite dearly. In fact, all of us is paying it dearly. That Churchill plutocratic war-pig is still lauded as a hero by most people. When he was no example at all, he had no honor, his private life was disorderly, to say the least… And he was a jewish puppet through and through. What the power of the jewish press can do, miss!!

    1. That’s it exactly. The fact that Hitler’s book is MORALLY banned should wake people enough up to read it. Yes, that was a major mistake. See? Our kindness and sympathy cost us the war and our hero. No more Miss Nice Girl from this end.

      1. You know, I read Hitler’s Mein Kampf when I was 15 or 16… At that time I wasn’t impressed because I had (cough…!) more liberal leanings… Now I can’t believe I outgrew that silly kid who used to believe in the same shit we are bashing now (muh equality, muh democracy, muh liberalism)… I think that’s the reason I can, somehow, explain the leftist mind. Because I used to have those same leanings at a younger age. The influence of the high school curricula, the sociopolitical climate and my young age were largely to blame for that, however…
        That’s why the leftists (jews and judaified people) care so much in controlling the youth. Because when one is young tends to believe this shit more easily, so, they can have greater chances of success.
        I wasn’t totally, I guess, sold on those ideas. Thus, my “escape” from them. If I went to college I’d probably be uncapable of saying the same… I would be another stupid parrot of Cultural Marxism as well.

      2. I have it but haven’t had time to read it. Soon. My “awakening” came when I was engaged to an intelligence agent and we were talking about the jews. In my ignorance, I was defending them. He said: “The jews have been thrown out of every country they ever entered; what are they doing wrong?” Turned me completely. I was 24.

      3. I was only two years younger than you when I found out. Not so long ago, you see?
        And heck, I have too many stuff to read and do, as ell. Time sure runs fast!! So much things to do, so little time.

  2. Hitler made many blunders in the war. There can be no denying that. His generals could not believe the halt order. The British threw those same evacuated soldiers against the Afrika Corps in North Africa.

    The Jews in Britain and in America did everything they could to goad those nations into war. It did not help that Churchill was a war monger and that FDR needed a war as his “New Deal” was an abysmal failure.

    Recently, on another blog, I posted this comment and it is relevant to the discussion here.

    “If a white man raises this issue, he is attacked and called “anti-Semite” or “racist”, etc. it is true that the Jews have acted to destroy whites. Let us recall from 20th century history 2 tragic examples. The Jews did not like the Tsar and his government in Russia. The Jewish Bolsheviks overthrew and murdered the Tsar and killed millions in Russia in the first few decades of their rule. This is fact and is undeniable. But the Jews will say I am “anti-Semitic” for saying these historical truths.

    “The 2nd example is Germany under Hitler. The Germans recognized the subversive nature of the Jews in their country. Not all the Jews were politically and socially subversive, but most of the leaders of subversive movements were ethnic Jews. Hitler and his party wanted the Jews out of Germany. The Jews worldwide declared war on Germany early in 1933 with a international boycott of German manufactured products. Without export earnings, Germany could not feed itself. All this was done before Hitler had his Nuremberg laws passed in 1934 and 1935. Jews in Britain and in America pushed Britain and America into war with Germany. Morgenthau, FDR’s Treasury Secretary, had a punitive plan to destroy what was left of Germany after the war. Germans were starved and expelled from German territories in the East after the end of the war. The lesson here is that when the Jews hate a nation or a people, that nation or people is marked for destruction, total and merciless destruction.”

    This is the post I commented on and it is worth checking out:


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