Have a good laugh.   LOL! or Licking Old Ladies.  That’s for you, Gas Mask.  Hahahaha!



Cat photo bombs.



I made that.


67 thoughts on “FUCK THE JEWS!!

  1. Well, Cartier, I’ve never posted comments so many times in a row! The cat photobombers are sublime. And I sure Bob will crap himself thinking of the reptiloids! Geeeze, the reptiloids, man!! Dangerous lizard-people!!! Bob will jump from his bed when he wakes up!!

      1. Yeah. Maybe the jew jokes might be “kosher” enough to post. Like the ones you had in your other post (the one that had the meme of the jew seeing porn movies backwards). Of course, if I post “killalljoos” tier stuff I’ll be permabanned faster than you can say: “It’s anudda shoah!!!”

  2. Damn, honey, you sure went crazy! Hahahaha! You doubled my article, I love it, thanks a million.

    I have 2 rescues, Honeybunny, the hairball from hell & Tequila Summer.

    Yes, I have a Pinterest account. I don’t know if you have to sign up to view it.

    I hope Rudolf comes around. I’d love to see him laugh over all this.

    1. I found some stuff from Pinterest… I searched “funny cat memes” on Jewgle and that’s what I got. When you search the images, you can see the file source… So I copied the URLs to your post, and most of them are from the internal servers of Pinterest… 🙂

  3. Yeah. Definitely is a good idea. I have some stuff of my own, but I think is too overt. Good for redpilling/redpilled people, but not funny enough. I have a meme generator app in my dumbphone, it has the most popular memes and you can add your own images/captions as well.

  4. Crazy. When I first came here, I thought to post jew memes. Then I saw the cats and I decided going overboard with them instead. Now I ended up posting jew memes anyway. Very crazy indeed.

  5. Caption says: “I’m waiting”…
    “That politicians fulfill their promises and stop stealing.” (Corruption is a bitch around here, you see.)

      1. And that’s also why I didn’t post all of them here. I have more memes, but they aren’t good enough to post. Nope, they aren’t. I’m not so good with memes, just average (or even below average).

  6. Hmmm. Noted. However, rabbi’s general appearance is changed as well (looks more “evil”, if that’s possible). Anyway, if the horns can’t be seen, there is not much joke to it then. It kinda loses meaning, I guess.

      1. I pissed myself with laughter with those. See? That’s why you don’t let AIs do that stuff. A shame you can’t order the cases now, it seems that the company pulled them out of the listings… I searched for the products of that company and I only found, errrrr… more prosaic cases. Not that funny shit. A shame, because it was hilarious as fuck.

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