How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

As credit becomes easier & cash becomes difficult and inconvenient, we are slowly being moved to a cashless tracking system that questions your every move and may come to the point where we have to prove we really need that medicine or milk. This article shows the trouble we are in and we don’t even know it yet. Take heed.

The Ugly Truth

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MINT PRESS – Greece is being used as a guinea pig not just for a grand neoliberal experiment in both austerity, but de-cashing as well. The examples are many, and they have found fertile ground in a country whose populace remains shell-shocked by eight years of economic depression. A new law that came into effect on January 1 incentivizes going cashless by setting a minimum threshold of spending at least 10 percent of one’s income via credit, debit, or prepaid card in order to attain a somewhat higher tax-free threshold. CONTINUE READING

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5 thoughts on “How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

  1. It’s all written! On their giant instructions book which Christians call the Bible…
    You see how they work. They give you the problem and the solution almost at the same time. Rinse and repeat till you die, or until you achieve the desired results.
    See that the Greeks complain about corruption and tax evasion… We have almost the same mentality, minus the tax evasion complaints. Since taxes are so high (similar rates to the Nordic socialdemocracies) and almost African-like levels of infrastructure and services, in many cases, we pay twice*… In order to do business, many shopowners will evade fiscal taxes. Not so a wise move, since they usually catch tax-evaders, and when that happens, they better prepare their butts for it… They will be pay through their noses. Unless they happen to be Chinese, or Bolivians (those can evade all the fuck they want, state won’t persecute them).
    *Paying twice means that, although we have public services, many people will prefer going to a private center if they can afford it. Private schools, private clinics, even private security and gated communities are the way to go. Not only uppity members of the more affluent classes do it, even peeps belonging to the lower-middle classes will do it, even if they have to cut their spending in other areas of their personal economy to do it…
    Corruption can be a bitch. However, it’s us who pay the price, first when we are robbed, and later when they “crack down” on small fry to pretend they actually do something to curb it… when the biggest “entrepreneurs” and government officials do it on stratospheric levels…

  2. A great and on point comment. I was horrified a few years ago during a news cast on a little girl’s lemonade stand the police shut down because she didn’t have a fucking permit. What?? For standing in her yard selling 10 cent plastic glasses?????

    1. You know, I read some time ago that kids who want to mow lawns now have to get a license, too. And I think that that license wasn’t exactly cheap. The fucking insanity, man! They even prey on kids!

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