Cheap Ass Jews



Fucking jews caught scamming social services:

Why do Jewish men like to watch porno movies backward?
They like the part where the hooker gives the money back.

How do you find the Jews in your neighborhood?
Roll a penny down the road.

One day a Jewish grandmother had taken her grandson to the beach for a play when suddenly a huge wave washed over the infant and pulled him out to sea.
The distraught grandmother fell down on her knees, and sobbed, “Please God, don’t let my grandson die, please, he is my only grandson! He is the future of my family, please return him to me safely!”
Instantly another huge wave rolls the infant back onto the beach and the grandmother looks up to the sky and said, “He had a hat!”



76 thoughts on “Cheap Ass Jews

  1. I saw that a while back. I don’t have anything to do with him anymore, he posting to much useless crap and we had major fights over Thumper, whom he worships, really. I don’t have time for idiots.

    1. Yeah, I know that. I only check the news pieces a bit… For Trump, I couldn’t care less… How he still thinks that Trump is going to drain the swamp, it escapes me… To be honest I don’t check around much.

      1. My main contention is that, in his view, Trump literally, can do no wrong. His blindness to reality is very frightening. Some one who used to be so sharp and to whom I looked up to when I first started my sites that could fall for this is rather scary. I no longer trusts anything he says anymore.

      2. I was talking (in Spanish cuz he is a Spaniard, I think) with a fellow blogger who covers news from a pro-Western (a real one) point of view. We talked about the shills in the movement (the most famous shills). For I posited the following: People needs something in what to believe nowadays. And these shills know it, and they con and ensnare people on their ways… Now, I’m not saying that Saboteur is a shill or a paid agent. What I’m saying is that, he, too has fallen victim to the Trump’s trompet. He believes (in spite of the evidence to the contrary) that Trump is going to do something good for the USA. Obviously, that’s not the case. You know it and I know it well. But my point is that he, also, needs to believe in somebody… And the Trumpster has told him all what he wants to hear… In spite of the situation, he (and a lot of people) WILL believe Trump, even if Trump fucks them over again and again… Trump was never a nationalist, and never will be, but is pointless to tell these people about it, they just DON’T get it.

      1. Yes, he seems to have lost his original focus for popularity. I have a Twitter account and go after him with every stupid tweet he posts. Never replies, little coward.

      2. Any of us has its pros & cons. Once we state and declare our stance, it is counter productive to fight each other. We should concentrate on current, vital issues. Only later we can discuss about the rest. Its a matter of fact today’s terror acts are false flags and, more than often, Hoaxes. It’s a fact you will never find shelter in zio democratically elected puppets.
        Hyper criticism is welcome. It forges a new mental shape to face the matrix in the correct way.
        Same story goes for the vexata quaestio of the flat or non flat earth. One of my blogger is convinced it is flat. I dont know.
        All I can say is Nasa has been feeding us with crap since ever and we dont have the material instrument to prove the truth or go beyond any ressonable doubt. Thus, I strongly encourage any criticism of the hologram they gifted us with, tagged with the debunked term ‘reality’.

      1. Thank you. As for your other comment, any one flying internationally can see the earth rolling beneath them like the ball it is. A question to ask these psychotic flat earthers is is the earth the only one or is the rest of the solar system flat, too. And what caused it since the sun itself is round?

      2. Cartier, I won’t engage in this specific FE conversatikn because I am not a partisan of either thesis or better hypotesis.
        If you have time, check the posts of Cowboy, in particular the ones ofa F E pilot showing the vies from the cockpit. I have flown for years in the cockpit at 35k ft asl and can tell you, I have no proof about the earth being round from the cockpit view.

  2. How comforting & wise your comments are. I am always at 90 mph and don’t stop to see what the blind need. I have no time. I only believe in the White Race and its gods. Nothing else matters.

    Do you know what wisdom is? Knowledge in action.

      1. We will survive but I highly doubt we will keep all the current territory we hold, at least in the short to medium term. I’ve been very blackpilled this week by the amount of racemixing I’m seeing here in Ireland, it’s very alarming.

        My view now is that we are going to lose a lot before the strong whites that survive conquer the world.

        Take a look around you. Do you really see us saving this, and to be perfectly honest, would you want to?

        No, this Jew cesspool that now masquerades as the west must crash & burn. The whites that fight for survival will be the most racial ever, then we win.

      2. We will probably have to lose it… Seriously, most people can’t be saved… Our job is to reach who can, who will listen. The rest doesn’t get it, and they will wash with the waves. They are already dead, or dying, in a sense.
        We will have to do a real big cleansing. I don’t specifically mean a cleansing as in physical deaths and the like, although is very likely to happen, too. What I mean is that we have to rid ourselves of a lot of bad habits, uses and customs that have been hindering us for more than 2000 years… You probably know what I mean with this, but if not, I’ll tell you:
        We need to cast out alien ways and thought patterns. Alien cults and worship. We need to be true to ourselves once more. Not to pander to the alien cult of some guys who believe we are nothing more than cattle. No.
        The problem comes from a very long time ago, and if we want to survive, we will have to revise everything. And cast out everytime that is not useful for us as a race. We are at the brink of extinction, and we cannot afford to do half-assed solutions. We have to change everything.
        And we have to cast out (exterminate) that perfidous race. Yes, no half assed solution this time. ALL of them have to go. It’s a tough one, but they have showed to be like cockroaches –if you let some of them survive, more stronger the infection will be.
        We didn’t begin this fight, but we have to be damned sure we finish it.

      3. I fully agree, a real final solution this time. Every last one of the rat vermin have to go. Mandatory DNA tests for everyone. Even a fraction of rat DNA, oven.

    1. Well, you have made me face, at last, that which I refused. You are right, we have to wait for the crash then take over. No, I don’t want to save what’s here now. And you have brought me to tears, damn you.

      1. Sorry but we have to face up to the truth. I’ve tried to see is their a way back. But I don’t see it, everything’s way too far gone now. The Jew really has done a number on our people.

      2. It is dramatically true.
        The ‘silent majority’, the boobuses, the shammasim, those who give support to this system in any way must fall down in tatters.
        I strongly oppose democracy as a form of mental manipulation and mass control. I reject their fkn, fake, filthy pseudo values based on egalitarianism, universal brotherhood and false fraternity. I reject and fight modernism along with its ludicrous apostilles. As I use to say when terminating my academic lectures:
        Don’t go in peace & fuck the system!

  3. Brilliant, GM and you are right, too. If they had been exterminated 3500 yrs ago instead of just being kicked out of 109 countries, we would be in a different and better place now.

    It started when we got too comfortable. We have it too easy. We don’t have to fight everyday for survival like our ancestors did. All the great White inventions to make modern civilization possible, has been our downfall. I’m not saying I want to go back to leaves & spit, haha, but you see my point. The soft carpeting of our lives dulls the footsteps of the enemies that creep behind us.

    We have to keep our weapons together, our swords sharp & our minds aware.

    1. Not so primitive, but no so spoiled. Yes, I see your point.
      We have to be very responsible with technology. Its use can be our uplifiting or our downfall.
      We have to be responsible, and not let it replace us. With that I mean, to replace our will. There is a thin line between a extension of our will, or the dulling of it. We have to be very careful with that.

      1. A great man said struggle is life, without it we whither & die. This is what we are now seeing in the west, there is no real struggle. Comfort has made us weak & soft, our people need to feel real pain & hunger once again.

      2. Yes, there is no real struggle anymore. We are paying it dearly. Gosh, the damage is so terrible I want to scream in rage!
        It’s like a very slow death, so slow we don’t feel it at all.

      3. That’s the real danger. If no catastrophe like war or massive economic collapse happens it’s most probable we ‘d go slowly into the night. But multiculturalism doesn’t work, the Jew has overplayed his hand, once again. War in Europe is now inevitable.

      4. They are manufacturing a Kosovo. On purpose. Yet, that was the spark for a lot of Europeans. I see that we will have to have a similar disaster here in Argentina… Maybe a couple of years from now. A disaster like the 2001 crash. Lots, and I mean, LOTS of people were sick of the system. Lots of people were sick of the politicians. But when the economical situation improved, people forgot their anger. And were lulled by the apparent economic prosperity of the first Kirchner years… Those fucking jews.
        And they stuck the leftist agenda down our throats. And we swallowed. HAPPY. HAPPILY, because we could go on vacations. Now people is angry but VERY divided. They are divided on if they support Cristina Kirchner (the ex-prez kikess) or Mauricio Macri (that fucking Italian jew). All kikes who profit with the division, no real leaders.

  4. The fake values of the judaified West have to go…
    “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”… Nice slogan in theory, but a crock of shit in practice. It’s anti-Aryan, even if it poses like it is.
    We are natural-born aristocrats. We believe in the best doing what they do best… and that the best have to lead.
    The mediocrity of the jew pozzed west leads to a oclocracy, or government of the mob. And to a kakistocracy, the government of the worst. Thus, that’s why we are so screwed up.
    Elections are nothing than a fake popularity contest! I say “fake popularity contest” because it’s not even that — it’s a farce to make gullible people believe they are actually choosing something. When in fact, the jewboys have (s)elected their puppets from the beginning. It’s a con.
    It’s a con on us. And we see where it has taken us now.

      1. It was the jews at the French revolution who came with that, but you get my point anyway. All of those fake revolutions were the work of jews.

    1. “The Curse of Canaan”. I didn’t know about that book. Of Mullins I’ve only read The Biological Jew. See? I have reading to do myself, too.
      I seriously need to organize my time. There is only much you can do in a day, and there is so much to do…

      1. All his books are free PDF downloads. I suggest reading all of them. He did his research and tagged the jews long before there was an internet. An utterly brilliant man. Just Google Eustace Mullins books.

      1. Yes he does, he can’t think of anything to say back and can never prove that Trump is right, so he ignores. I’m not the kind of woman one can safely ignore.

  5. They are manufacturing a Kosovo…….Yes they are, they are doing it all over. Look at Venezuela, starvation and riots in the streets. Mobs attacking what little food trucks can get in. This is what the fucking jews envision for the rest of us.

    Problem, reaction, solution. THEIR solution. People will swallow anything when they’re hungry. Hunger is a poor counselor.

    1. I checked a video a couple of hours ago about an attack on some governmental offices on Venezuela. Maduro condemned the attack, and demanded the same to the opposition party (the MUD).
      Anyway, both parties are shills of the same jewish coin. It’s a nasty ordeal because at the same time, both parties are right, and both are wrong. It’s a circus, and a bloody one on top of that.
      They don’t give a shit about the Venezuelans, however. And here we have idiots who say of Argentina and Macri: “we got spared of becoming like Venezuela, on which even you can’t find TP to wipe your ass!” Yet Macri loves to screw us over and over again. Ugh.
      And TP is getting expensive… I’ll have to buy the newspapers to… you know 😛

      1. Heck, you gotta save the newspaper industry. Let’s put their lies to good use. Remember that whiny ass kid Fontevecchia. He cried about “muh poor journos”. When in fact, he is probably related to the founder of Perfil (same last name, and it’s in no way common).

  6. Well, good night folks. It has been nice talking to you. I got to catch some Zzzz’s. It’s 1:00 am around here, and it’s pretty cold! Plus, I’m still recovering from that cold. Maybe I’m gonna be completely rid of it by the weekend… 🙂

  7. Well folks, I do not believe in flat earth, however…
    What if the earth was flat? If it was, there would have to be another side to it…
    Like, we are living in the side that gets lightened by the sun…
    If it was true… what is on the other side?
    Is that side lightened by the sun, or not?
    Is there life on it, or not?
    Are there humans on it, or not?
    If the three questions above can be answered with a “yes”… what does prevent the humans from the other side to reach us…? What does prevent us to reach them?
    It opens a can of worms… Can be a psyop or a fruitless endeavor… Or a can of worms, indeed.
    In order to prove or disprove it empirically ourselves, we need to go up in some way.
    Either flying at a very high altitude or launching a satellite which can orbit the Earth…
    Again, at the best of cases, can be a very nasty secret (((they))) are hiding… But why they would do that?
    Or it can be a psyop to distract our efforts and make us seem CRAYZEEEH. Like… how the fuck are you gonna believe that the earth is flat? The jews thing is already a tough one to swallow for most people, and if you put the flat earth thing on top of that…
    Makes us look like crazy idiots.
    And at the best (if it was indeed true), it’s secondary.
    Our priority must be unmasking the jews, showing to the people how the JEWS have corrupted everything. How they CONTROL everything.
    Other priority must be the salvation of the White race. The best elements, at least.
    The “Flat Erf” thing is not so important.
    We are diminishing in numbers and our efforts must be focused on SURVIVAL and RELEARNING our past, to understand the future.
    The flat earth is an intellectual exercise, at the very best. We might sort it out… (if we REALLY believe is a worthwhile endeavor) AFTER we sorted the JEWISH QUESTION out.
    Now is just a waste of time. And we don’t need to look like wackos. People already believe that without the “flat earth” claims, we don’t need useless clutter which is not fundamental now.
    That’s my two cents on this matter.
    Gosh, I already wasted time on this. Better do something productive. Notice I don’t believe it, I’m just entertaining the idea… And I already feel somehow stupider for doing it. 😐

  8. Yes, sweetheart, you have wasted far too much time. It’s just another bullshit conspiracy theory. There is too much truth out there for us to work on. What ever its origin, it’s just a distraction to put us off the trail, like worrying about what shit Thumper does next. He is just a distraction.

  9. Also, worrying about Trump is like worrying about our shit prez… Maybe that’s why I don’t watch the news much anymore. Too wearisome. And it’s always the same (deaths, shit gossip on shittier celebs, bawwww stories, dog/cat videos, whatever shit the government does and that’s it). Maybe I shouldn’t say wearisome, I should say BORING.

    1. Hahahaha!! Absolutely!! They scrap the bottom of the barrel! I have seen those dog/cat videos from the internet on those channels! LOL. It’s a fucking shame, I’d be ashamed if I was their programming manager and I had to put some stupid videos from the internet on air… Oh well, I guess that’s why I don’t have such a position. Shame and dignity are a hindrance, plus, being non-juden leaves you out from the business… Or either you have to kiss massive amounts of jewish ass, which I’m not willing to do anyway. LOL.

      1. Yes, but there is the internet for that… Those are news channels, not cat/dogs video channels, you see. Besides, it’s a cheap tactic to fill minutes of air. Literally. I don’t think they pay a red dime to lift those videos, they just fire the search on youtube and that is. That’s what I criticize. The cheapness. The pointlessness.

  10. Somehow, I’m not surprised… I knew you’d come with something like that…
    But I’ll give you credit, it’s better content than the shit the news anchors spew out…

    1. Alright! But I’m not trolling. Just a while ago I was watching a news channel. There is some fiasco because a supermarket (which is owned by a guy who is on the government of Macri) sells chicken bones and the like. There is a program of a Cristina Kirchner shill who bashes this government, for obvious reasons. So, he was with a guy who made jokes about the things they sell on that supermarket… Completely tasteless stuff, and not even remotely funny. Trying too hard, he was.
      So I am not lying when I say that this video is better than the stupid jokes that guy was making…

  11. LOL this thing is hexed. I’m using the smartphone, and when I refreshed the page, the video began playing. LOL.
    (it didn’t happen the first couple of times, video is not on autoplay). LOL.

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