The appalling response of Washington DC police to the protests of a group of disabled people at a Senator’s office over the health care bill, is nothing short of shocking.   NO stranger can PULL a person in a wheelchair out of that chair without causing some pain or damage.   There is medical protocol for lifting (not yanking) someone from a chair and placing them elsewhere.   If this video doesn’t make you sick, you are one, cold hearted bastard.


The photo of a woman in a wheelchair handcuffed behind, as if she poses a danger to anyone, will remain with me for a long time.

This video shows the history of the Disabled Rights Movement and the great work they continue to do.

This link tells the story of a family with a severely disabled child who would be badly impacted if this health care bill passes.




4 thoughts on “POLICE STATE

  1. Hmmm… You know, like one or two weeks ago, our local zio-prez did something similar… cutting the pensions to disabled people… And, like 15 or 16 months ago (notice our shit-prez began his rule on Dec. 2015), prices of electric bills began to rise… In some cases (like Buenos Aires city and in some parts of the Buenos Aires province) was justified, but in most parts of the country, not so much… Why I’m telling you this? Because bills rose steeply, and that affected very harshly the poor people who NEED to consume electricity (due to usage of medical equipment at home). Peeps like me can do with consuming a bit less, but they can not… And since they consume so much, their bills can be very expensive, and not everybody can cover the costs… Man, the zioshills are the same everywhere. Fun fact: Macri’s vice-prez is on a wheelchair (she had a car accident like 20 years ago, if not more). The Minister of Labour is also stuck on a wheelchair (ditto, but I think that he has been on the wheelchair since childhood). Neither of them has said anything on the matter.
    In our case, the gov’t has justified the cuts with the argument of “corruption”. IMHO there are reasons to believe them a bit, since corruption in this country is abysmal. However, they cut the plans in a big SWAT, without looking individual cases… While I believe there are some lazy bastards who are recieving government pensions without deserving them (without having any disability), they screwed up the rest of the people who really need it… You have to understand the following: There are two ways of doing things around here. The legal way and the quick way. To prove that you have any disability, you need to apply to our Social Services department. It takes a long time and you need to do several tests on yourself (in order to ascertain your grade of disability). Then, according to the test results, your financial situation (or the financial situation of your household) and if you own a car or not, for example, you may recieve a pension. The problem is that the system gets abused by several SOBs that don’t need anything, and since often these people are involved with the local authorities (as in political favors and the like), these people may get the benefits that many REAL disabled people might not get, since they were rejected for not meeting some criteria (but they are still disabled, nonetheless) who applied legally on the Social Services department… But neither Trump nor Macri give a fuck anyway, they want to cut everything they can, without giving a damn for the people they govern… That’s why they are good fellas. Two zio-shills that are at least partly jewish (Macri IS a full blooded jew, however) and who are filthy rich… Macri is rich from the cradle, and he has been living on his papa’s money all his life.

  2. Oh hon, that’s awful but it’s the same here. The rich senators of this administration are trying to cut Medicaid benefits over 10 years, which go to low income, disabled, poor children and below the poverty line mothers who have to care for them. Our Dept of Water & Power has raised rates but that’s for improving electrical inrfastructure which is 30 years out of date. We also have an energy saving program where they will replace your old fridge with a new energy saving one for free. I’ll be getting mine next week.

    1. They say exactly the same around here… And indeed, it seems that they are purchasing stuff to renovate our infrastructure… I have the app of the Argentinian Official Gazette on my smartphone, on which I can track what the Argentinian State purchases… That’s something good that I have to recon, that it was done by this government. Nice to hear you will get a new fridge, I guess they take your old fridge, right?

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