MMGW Timeline

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“Climate Change” is a Jewish Hoax!


Here’s an article I wrote as a summary of a “Global Warming Hoax” DVD back in May 2009…

I was reading Mein Kampf for the first time back then and I was only a “beginner” on the Jewish Problem…….

– BDL1983

It is very important that the general public knows the truth behind this ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ scare. It is not a real environmental issue, but a very real political issue with huge implications for everyone on this planet if our so-called governments ‘act’ on it. After recently viewing a ‘Sovereignty International Environmental Perspectives Inc.’ production entitled ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ (including snippets from the ‘Great Global Warming Swindle’ documentary), it is obvious for the good of humanity, that the powerful Global Warming lobby needs to be dealt a political death blow. Otherwise we must welcome multi-national corporate global enslavement, and the death of all national sovereignty. Sounds bad, it is! Here’s why:

The essence of the problem is summed up well by Dr. Vincent Gray, an Expert IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations body) Reviewer, Climate Consultant for New Zealand. He States, “The IPCC is a political organisation, set up by the UN, to provide evidence to support the framework convention on Climate Change, it’s been signed by governments, it’s entirely political”. Furthermore, “They made up what they were going to do beforehand and then chose whatever science they could find which they thought might support it, that’s my view”. On the government policies formulated from UN/IPCC findings he states, “Now, this summary for policy makers isn’t a summary for policy makers at all, it’s a summary by policy makers, in other words, it is a summary agreed line by line by government representatives”. Dr. Gray hits the nail on the head with these statements. This sums up the political process used by the IPCC, but what about the climate science and the media portrayal of this issue?

The controlled mass-media loves dramatizing this issue. Most often their examples supposedly linked to man-made global warming show floods, hurricanes, droughts, fires etc. You name it, it’ll be on the TV screen, in the paper, or on the net. Drama, Fear, Catastrophe, we should be scared because it’s our fault, or is it? They fail to mention that history shows natural catastrophes are more regular and dramatic in colder periods, not warmer ones. Anyone willing to do the research will find examples of natures’ fury throughout all history and that there has been no abnormal increase in natural disasters, but why not blame global warming for the disasters we do get? Seems to make people agree with the loony carbon dioxide idea!

Ian Clark, Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa and director, G.G. Hatch Isotope Laboratories, one of Canada’s leading analytical facilities says, “In fact, there is no evidence of humans being the cause (of Climate Change), overwhelmingly it is the sun”. Even among IPCC reports they have not established greenhouse gasses as responsible for warming the earth.

Data and Consensus?

The misleading use of data is incredible. Al Gore is a liar who uses misleading graphs to convince uninformed crowds of his ‘inconvenient truth’, or should we say ‘convenient lie’! He shows two separate graphs asserting that the temperature graph follows the carbon dioxide graph, when in truth it is the carbon dioxide that follows temperature with about an 800 year lag. An important lesson in cause and effect, don’t you think Mr. Gore? Very hypocritical of Mr. Gore to preach to us to cut down on carbon emissions when in fact he uses seventeen times the energy of an average American! But he says he uses ‘green’ energy so it’s OK since the rich can afford it!

Al Gore LIAR!

The other piece of data these liars use is a discredited ‘hockey stick’ graph which shows temperature increases over the last thirty years or so. The ‘hockey stick’ data is contaminated by the Urban Heat Island effect as well as old unreliable measurements. Hot year 1998 is often thrown into the mix when discussing Global Warming and they conveniently forget that increased water vapour as a result of El Niño caused this one degree spike in temperatures. But it doesn’t end there; a look back thousands of years into earths’ history will reveal many warmer and cooler periods than today’s temperatures, and that the climatic conditions of today are nothing out of the ordinary.

And as for consensus? A 2003 Heartland Institute survey revealed 55.8% of scientists agree with the orthodox climate theory whilst 30% flatly disagreed. The reason for 55.8% agreeing is that without climate catastrophe, there is no government funding for them and they would have to look for a new job! To support this claim, John Christy, a Lead Author on the 2001 IPCC Report stated, “I was at the table with three Europeans having lunch and they were talking about their role as lead authors, they were talking about how they were trying to make the report so dramatic, that the US would have to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol”. This illustrates the attitude of those in the IPCC ‘agreeing’ with the Global Warming theory. Not to mention it was the same group of people pleading for funds by stoking up the ‘Global Cooling’ rubbish of the seventies!

Despite the fact that so-called ‘Climate Action’ groups are interested in getting carbon dioxide listed as an official pollutant, there have been many studies that reveal not only is carbon dioxide beneficial to plant life planet wide, but that carbon dioxide levels have been up to ten times more concentrated without any corresponding warming! Amazing! With more carbon dioxide, agriculture would thrive and world food production would soar. Climate scientist, Dr. Tim Patterson states, “Research has shown that an increase in carbon dioxide up to five times the current levels would not have a detrimental effect on earth’s biosphere”. Anyone ever wondered why we aren’t told of these remarkable studies? There are many studies and scientists that thoroughly agree with this statement but we wouldn’t know it!

And before anyone says that Global Warming ‘Sceptics’ are funded by oil companies (a small number of studies have been), it must be stated: if one side of this story is guilty of receiving loads of funding by those with vested interests, it is the Global Warming proponents! Government funding is how the entire ‘climate beast’ really built its’ industry.

More political implications…

Don Young, the Former Chairman, House Resources Committee states, “The environment is being used for a power struggle, used for centralised government, used to make a one-world government, and if you don’t think this is occurring, just see what’s happening in the US, this is an awakening call, that we are facing a battle against those who want to destroy a great United States of America”.

This statement should strike a chord with those aware of the UN’s position in global politics. They are an international body hell-bent on getting countries signed onto the Kyoto Protocol to relinquish their sovereignty, (through Cap & Trade/ Carbon Tax schemes) to this potential international ruler of nations. The ‘Climate Change’ issue illustrates clearly that the UN has an agenda to start with, then they send home delegates from member countries to implement their policies. But, above all this, Russia and China are not signed onto the Kyoto Protocol, so they can continue polluting regardless, making the efforts to cut emissions by those bounded by Kyoto, totally pointless anyway. The Kyoto Protocol is really about destroying the economies of the stronger more developed nations, and the environment is the excuse to do it!

The economic effects of ‘Climate Change’ legislation will be devastating. By its very nature it will crush small businesses, which won’t be able to cover the costs, allowing multi-nationals the monopolies they crave, wipe out the middle classes since only the rich will be able to afford commodities and the so-called ‘eco lifestyle’. We will be left with very rich aristocratic rulers and poverty for most of humanity, which equals enslavement.

As US Senator James Inhofe put it in 2007, “Offsets & credits are gimmicks used by the wealthy so they don’t have to change their lifestyles”.

Carroll Quigley, author of Tragedy and Hope, who, from within, had access to secretive world government conspiratorial documents and records said on page 324 of his book, “The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central bankers of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences”.

It is for these reasons people should be very weary of propaganda manufactured by certain exclusive clubs. Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, UN, Club of Rome. The list continues but this is the truth of the ‘Climate Change’ story!


This diagram sums it up nicely!

– BDL1983



30 thoughts on “MMGW Timeline

  1. You know, it’d be a good idea (albeit a bit difficult to pull out) to make an archive/collage of the supposed catastrophes that were going to hit us due to global warming. What I mean with this is: making a post about the spooky preditions of oceans rising by year 19xx or year 20xx. They have being pulling this sham for over thirty years; failed predictions probably are everywhere… If you can manage this, and show convincingly, on the same post that we are heading into a mini ice age (or that, at the very least, the level of the oceans won’t rise at all due to the climate not getting warmer), I think that it can be pretty good to show how much they are lying to us.
    Or you can do only the failed predictions part, while referring people to posts like this one. But it’s better to showcase everything in the same place, in my opinion.

  2. Interesting but that can be found in analysis of Gore’s movie. Many have picked it apart. I think I’ve shown in my 2 posts that we ARE heading into cooling and have given links for folks to check out. I don’t have time to revel in all the false predictions. It’s more important to make people understand they need to prepare for the coming mini ice age.

      1. You may be right; I heard somewhere that we are 1500 yrs overdue. There’s nothing to prevent the coming mini from another 1000 years extension instead of 30-45 everyone is predicting.

  3. The late John Daly (1943 – 2004) had a website called Still Waiting for Greenhouse that debunked much of this man made global warming nonsense. It is the cycles of the sun that are chiefly responsible. The whole thing is a scam. Who is behind it? Clearly it’s the fucking Jews.

  4. Global warming?? It is June 22 in The Midwest, USA and a fire is needed in camp to stay warm… All day today.

  5. It’s so cold in the Midwest?! Man, shit be crazy… I can’t say the same than you guys, though. I have at least 50 years to live or so (if I don’t die before)… Better do something against the frigging jews. I can’t change the weather, but at least I can try doing something to make people snap out of their slumber…

      1. Hahahahaha!! Gee, thanks for the follow, sir. Rudolf and Cartier have told me good things about you. I was sorry to hear about you being hacked by a nasty shill. These guys are evil, I know, and you know it better than I.

      2. Pleased to meet you and read your blog. I got another notice from Gmail today saying “someone has your password” I wish I could respond… Several in China have it and and I think Angela Murky has it and I think John Mac Cain ( son of Cain) has it and I am sure some 3 letter guvment agencies have it and don’t be surprised if Disneyland (pentagone) has it.:)

      3. Man, everyone has it then. If my dog were alive, he would have your password too. Pretty nasty stuff they have done to you. Fun fact: It seems that I’m attracting some attention from them, because yesterday I’ve had four visits originating from Judeland. And the day before yesterday too. Four visits, too.
        Also, I’m glad that you visited my blog as well. I wished I could see yours too, but I understand the reasons of why you deleted it. Shills can be nasty, and this movement is rife with them.

      4. Rudolf and Cartier are are really worth knowing…( blows kiss to Cartier and salute to rest of ya!)

      5. Yeah, they are pretty cool guys!! Rudolf knows a shitton, and well, you know about Cartier’s charm… Plus, she knows a lot too. And has more balls than a lot of men, frankly!!

  6. We are seeing the end right now…view from my porch…but that means a new beginning as well..goodbye Edomites! Goodbye mudskins! Hello to EdenII

      1. Yes, the Edomite-Ismael-Philistine- Jews know exactly what is going on..what they do not know is what is coming off. And centuries of prophecies have spelled it out..their “nest in the stars” (America) and their attempt to hide beneath the earth and sea. ( Mars anyone?) Haha. Too late. The earth FLAT OUT will not hide them.

  7. That sounds a bit like Ragnarok to me… Or the history going in circles motion, which stems from the Indo-Aryan tradition… When I was a few years younger, I had the idea that history, indeed might go in circles… Now I discovered that the Aryans thousands of years before me realized the same, and defined the idea even better than the 16 or 17 years-old me could have done…

  8. Now, making a comment somehow related to your post, Cartier… Do you remember that some time ago we talked about Greenland and the Vikings? I came to the realization that, if we were to believe the official scare about the level of the oceans rising and such… wouldn’t Greenland have been covered by water at that time, then? Parts of the European continent might have been flooded as well!! And also, the southernmost part of America. It’s so stupid that it doesn’t make any sense at all. Heck, maybe the entire Earth could have been flooded as well!! Civilization (or the remnants of civilization) would have disappeared!! We wouldn’t have ancestors at all, unless they grew gills or something like that!! LOL.

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