Coming In For The Kill

I am not going to do a series of articles on our climate.  That is better left to more dedicated researchers.  What I will say is that, other then the Holo-costing-us-forever hoax, Man Made Global Warming is by far the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the world.

I will leave a few links for my readers to continue on with this information.  Basically, the sun is the driver of our climate and the more sunspots, the more radiance is put out and the warmer the solar system gets.  The less sunspots, the less radiance is generated and the cooler it gets.   We have have a dearth of sunspots for the past 2 solar cycles and most reputable scientists agree we are heading, at this point, into another mini ice age.

The jews know this and have spent billions and billions of dollars pushing the MMGW hoax on the world.  For they know, that if the majority of the people are unprepared for the increasing cold, the more will die when it gets here.   They are trying to kill us with Mother Nature.  Al Gore is their main flunky.

This film will explain the science and cycles of what’s coming at us.   I also suggest going to Youtube and watching the series put out by Adapt 2030 who covers every aspect of our changing climate, including crop failures and potential starvation.

And you can keep an eye on the sun yourself:



15 thoughts on “Coming In For The Kill

  1. This is the film that you were watching yesterday? Won’t lie, I haven’t watched it… but I have a question not so unrelated to it… what do we do? Obviously, getting ready it’s a sensible thing. But, what do we do to get ready? It’s possible to avert some of the consequences?

    1. I know you have trouble downloading videos, but it’s imperative to watch this one. While it’s loading, do something else. The only consequences you can avert are those directly related to you. We don’t know how far the ice will cover N & S America. The immediate problem is the loss of our grids and utilities. Not only stocking up on canned and packaged foods, but toilet paper, toothpaste, matches, gasoline, soap, etc. There are many sites that can help you put together a plan.

      1. That will be tomorrow. Indeed, in hindsight I made you a very stupid question. It’s not your job to tell me what to do… Silly me and my lazy butt.
        They want us unprepared and dependant on them. In a few months I will be moving to another house, in which (hopefully!) I can get myself to make a garden. You guys of the north part of the continent will be more fucked up than us. We southerners are to the south… but no so much to the south so to be closer to the Antartica continent… Canadians will be utterly screwed, since they are more to the north than Argentinians are to the south. As I said before, it’s ultimately my job to get ready… as yours is to get ready, too.
        Things grow comparatively easy where I live. There are small patches of corn and several patches of edible plants in some undeveloped places (i.e they have no buildings on them). Obviously, in a scenario of global cooling and mass starvation, eating plants that you happen to stumble upon by chance is not a sensible plan, even if you are a seasoned herbalist. You can’t rely exclusively on that, there will be more people that will fight over those plants (if they grow at all), so to eat.
        And then, when SHTF and nearly everyone dies of starvation and general lawlessness (think Mad Max scenario blown up 1000x) there will be still the question of eking out a living… Things won’t be as easy as we are used to now.
        It makes me borderline enraged when I realize how dependent and reliant on the system we are. How useless we have become… how crippled we became…
        I remember reading in the Readers’ Digest an article about what technology makes to us. It’s old, so no references to Failbook nor Twatter are to be found there. Instead, it posits the example of an accountant that can’t do basic arimethic (as I can’t do basic spelling now). He struggles with making a simple mental addition (or multiplication), since he has become so reliant on the calculator. And the article says: “he, has lost an ability! He has paid a price!”
        But, it’s not the fault of technology itself. It’s our fault to let ourselves become so lazy and spoiled… so reliant and dependant.
        This is a deeper problem, I think.
        And it’s better to stop now. I made a very long wall of text and I sound a bit pissy. Don’t worry, it’s just my reflexive me sounding a bit more bitter than usual. Don’t worry ’bout that. 🙂

      2. I’d like to consider myself your friend so you can be as pissy as you want. I’m alone and have no one to help me, in a city setting with no place to grow anything. Remember, you can’t survive on plants alone. Protein is your 1 priority. Get some chickens/pigs, they can live on scraps. We don’t know how fast or slow this thing will happen, we can only be ready when it comes.

  2. Ah! That’s a good answer indeed! You tell me not to forget ’bout protein…! How in life could I forget that angle…? (I am a meat-lover in THE country par excellence of meat-eaters).
    We don’t know when it will happen, true, true… And it won’t be overnight, either.
    Fishing will be something to be considered too. In fact, perking yourself up with skills/tools it’s a sensible idea.
    If I were you, I’d buy a gun. A pistol or a shotgun are good for beginners (and more affordable). If push comes to shove, you can bust their fucking asses on the pavement.
    You guys have a pretty laid back legislation overall in regards to gun ownership and adquisition… Jews want to take away that from you, because they know it’s not so easy to put a determined defender on its knees armed with a gun. (And if he happens to know ’bout the JQ, niggers, faggots and the like, he is a force to be reckoned).
    Look, they are scared of old ladies that speak about the falsehood of their Holocult, they are scared of boys that throw stones or play football near their walls. How they are not going to be scared of a lady or gent who is armed? Jews are fucking scared. They are scared shitless. They control almost every goverment on Earth and they are still scared shitless.

  3. A very profound comment, indeed. Frankly, I am afraid of guns and would need someone to teach me. And yes, they are scared, but they won’t be the ones coming after us. It will be their gentile flunkies.

  4. I just sent the following email to The Weather Channel here in the US>


    I just saw today, June 11, 2017 on the show Would You Survive, a piece on the Brown Recluse Spider. At the end you stated that this bug would proliferate due to our warming earth. In fact, you have the most basic weather science wrong.

    The sun is the main driver of the climate. Active sunspot cycles produce more radiance which warms the solar system. A dearth of spots means less radiance and cooling. The past 2 solar cycles has shown a dearth of sunspots which means we are entering a cooling phase. Watch the sun here:

    MMGW is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated upon the world. This film will explain the science and exactly how such a tale got started.

    This film was recently produced and updates our current climate situation.

    Here is more information to pursue:

    You are the WEATHER CHANNEL, for God’s sake! We depend on you to tell us what’s coming. If you have the most basic climatology wrong, how can we trust you with anything else??

    Kind regards,

    I’ll update with any response. Got an automated one just now:

    Re: Shame On You
    The Weather Channel | Jun 11, 2017 05:34PM EDT
    Thank you for your submission! Our team has received your message. We do review your feedback, and we are listening though we may not be able to respond to each individual submission. Please enjoy your weather; it’s amazing out there!

    1. Pfffffffffftttt. They did their canned responses thingy… the fuckers didn’t even read it.
      “Please enjoy your weather; it’s amazing out there!” it’s a fucking insult on your case… They don’t give a fuck…
      In a few years: “Global cooling setting in.”
      Some guy says: “Damn, remember that lady who sent us an email that claimed that we were going to freeze our asses off? Shit, she was right.”

      1. Hahaha! Actually, it was an auto response simply to acknowledge receipt of the email. I’ll give it a couple of weeks. I may send it again with a sterner warning.

      2. Hmmm… I wouldn’t expect much from them… Does somebody really reads those…? Send them a rat thru their mailbox. LOL…
        Nah, seriously, maybe you should try sending them a physical letter. But I don’t think they will acknowledge much of what you say. They probably are in the cover up as well.

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