Jewish paranoia: my answer to a Jew

The jews are running out of themselves. Their smokescreen is blowing away.
As Lenon Honor says: Time always tells the truth.


25 thoughts on “Jewish paranoia: my answer to a Jew

  1. If I said what do REALLY the jews deserve, your blog would be shut down for allowing such “eevuul comments”… So I’ll gag myself on that.
    However, they know that the “antisemitism” card works well… Coupled with the career destruction and the loss of livelihood means (for more than one guy), they can make it work very well.
    In the other post I made a reference about the dependence we have on the system. It has to do a little with this, as well. People working on the liberal professions suffer more than anyone from this dependence… Also, in second place, blue collar workers suffer. But it’s less. And it depends on the field they work. If they have a trade, opposed to working in a factory, they suffer even less from said dependence… (i.e, they may have a marketable skill when SHTF or they are gagged by Jew).
    This system is extremely tight-knit. It needs a number of trained monkeys in one field, a number of trained monkeys in another field, other bunch of monkey trainers (and monkey controllers). Thus, you have the push for specialization… It’s said that the jack of all trades is the master of none, but, it’s worse to be the jack of one trade. The jews love to push that canard so people can be putty on their hands… and accept everything without protest.

  2. Well said, also you can’t blame the “system.” We go from fields, to huts, to villages, to towns to cities, etc all of which need a system to work for everyone. It’s who controls the system AND the control of the information flow is the problem. I think once this new ice age takes hold, the jews will have their own problems, along with the rest of us. Maybe then we can take “action.”

    1. That push for moving to the cities… in all cases it brings more problems than benefits, given enough time… You know, I’m currently at a very small town in which everyone knows each other. You can leave the doors unlocked at night. Can I do that in where I live? NAH! And people around here seems to be more polite. They chat with you and they salute you as well. In the city, that’s not so common.
      But you are right. I was using the “system” thingy out of convenience. And the problem is, that we have let things slip out of our hands… We rush to save niggers from themselves, for example. Remember those guys that were going to travel to fucking Guinea-Bissau to give niggers water? That’s what I mean. We give them our technology, and we don’t control what they do with it. With niggers, that’s not much of a problem. They can’t mantain it anyway. But with the more smart races, it can be quite a trouble. They know enough to be dangerous. And they don’t pander to outsiders of their race, as we do.
      What I meant is that we have become too dependant on technology. It’s not a bad thing that we use it. The problem is when we can’t do the most basic stuff without it. It seems that we will have to learn to do the basics again. Even if this trend of global cooling doesn’t set in, and nothing happens, it’s a good idea that we learn how to be less reliant on the system/grid anyway, as much as we can… We are outcast material, and the push seems to be towards more reliance on the grid… You don’t need to be a genius to figure out what can happen. It’s on the last book of the Big Jew-Book of Instructions to Conquer All Goyim.
      (Damn, should probably do a post about it. But the problem is that this is too long for a comment, and too little for a post… Maybe I can make out something out of this.)

      1. No comment is ever too long for me. Damn well said. And yes, we are too reliant on our technology. The real problem is we have little manual back up for anything. If we don’t grow and raise our own food and the stores shut down, we’re screwed. We can go back to candles for light and hibatchis & coal grills for cooking, if we can get the food. I also suggest stocking up on batteries for flashlights and radios. I have a hand crank radio in case TSHTF, also dehydrated food packs.

        YES! Make this into an article & I’ll repost it here.

  3. Can do a series. At least two articles. One, dealing with our problem, two, dealing with some solutions/alternatives. Will have to do some research on this last one, but is doable.

  4. Also, it’s my duty to tell you that I’m leaving this small town, which is more similar to a big village… A fishing village, to be more accurate. However, I live in a town which is more akin to a small city, almost. Things are not so rosy around here, albeit it’s still better than living in a big ass city, like Buenos Aires.
    LOL! I came to rest in a small town! Sadly, good things always come to an end… And I can’t post anything here. Being stuck on 2G speeds ain’t fun, I can barely open things on the phone… let alone publish posts.

    1. Errr. No. I’m just moving to another home in the same town… The big assed city thing would be interesting, but I’m not a fan of crowds. About the internet thingy, I’m stuck at 2G just for today… I came to rest to this small fishing village just for the weekend, but I’m already leaving in a few hours…
      live in city A——>rest in small town B.

      leave small town B—->return to city A.

      I guess I confused you because I said: “town, town” all the time. The place where I live it’s big, compared to this fishing village I’m currently staying now.
      Should have said: “I’m staying at a village.” When you read this I’ll be back in my home, the middle sized town where I live.
      You can blame language barriers as well… My English can be weird at times.

      1. Probably at the end of this year… I hope. The project got delayed a bit since the company which used to build the houses went bust (they didn’t finish the houses, but they did a bit of work done). The State called for a new bid, and two bidders presented their projects… Now we only can wait… I hope we get some notices from that, through.

      2. Oh yes… Don’t tell me that! The wait gets looooong… but hey, beggars can’t be choosers… And they can’t back down now, or there will be hell to pay.

    1. Yes! But that’s different of my small weekend trip… Sorry I confused you. In hindsight, I would be rather confused too with such a crappy explanation…

      1. I told you it was in the same town…! Sadly, I’m not buying, nor renting… There’s a government housing program that launched last year, and luckily we got picked, via a number drawing… It’s the only feasible way for a lot of people to get to own a home… Think Hitler’s housing programs and you will get the idea. You pay for these homes, in a number of installments. Owning and purchasing land is crazy around here… and building a house is almost impossible, for most people… Is almost as we were in Japan or some other place in which land prices are insane. Too much speculation around here, and rising inflation makes pretty difficult to people to save some money…

      2. Yes, that’s for sure. It’s almost certain that we will have a backyard. How big, I don’t know. But beggars can’t be choosers anyway. Thanks.

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