Thank You, Jesus!!

Finally, an intelligent decision from this buffoon of a president.  He is pulling us out of the Paris Climate Agreement.   While non-binding and unenforceable, the PCA re-enforces the MMGW hoax on an international level.  Trump has always said MMGW is a hoax and I was hoping he would come through on this.   While not mentioning his beliefs, he put the withdrawal as an economic decision.

Paris Agreement

Green Climate Fund

For those who still believe in MMGW, watch this.

We are, perhaps, actually heading into global cooling:


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Jesus!!

  1. So the first question that pops in to my mind is which kind of (even worse) screwing will he be doing to us for the jews. The jews would only allow this if they had something even worse planned.

  2. An excellent point. Since the PCA has no legal teeth all our withdrawal does is isolate us further in the eyes of the rest of the world, which of course, pleases the jews. Since it’s not court binding, they really don’t care if we left or stayed with it. The worse the world views us, the more control the jews exert, that’s why they placed this bumbling asshole in office in the first place. Don’t forget MMGW is a jew construct to get us back to the Stone Age, but it really isn’t working anymore. It’s a distraction from their real agenda: our final extermination.

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