I Pissed Off A Jew Today

I got on the bus in Hollywood and sat behind this jew with his full beard and beanie hat, not a rabbi but just a punk asshole.  I tapped him on the shoulder and said:

“Hey jewboy, the holocaust is a hoax.”

He got so angry he hissed never to touch him again and kept sneaking looks over at me.   He got up to leave and I stared at him and kept grinning at him.  If looks could kill, I’d have been schmeared (as they say) all over the seat.  Made my fucking day.   I do this every time I see one.



5 thoughts on “I Pissed Off A Jew Today

  1. That’s a spammer, lady. Yes, WordPress spammers flatter you, instead of saying: BUY BUY BUY! Buy our products! Buy our pills! They are clever bastards, even I have to deal with them in a weekly basis. And my blog is very small… I wonder how the fuck they find my posts. Anyway, Mr. Spammer maybe has read about the evil jews instead of just giving you the spiel without reading.

      1. Nevermind. These spammers can be very crafty. If you see too many misspelled words on a flattering comment like this, it’s probably a spammer. Use your best judgement, because it can be very deceiving sometimes. Or if you see weird characters popping out in the comment, with similar flattering, it’s a spammer. They do it so to evade filters and stuff.

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