How Sad!!

While I am not religious, this story broke my heart.  Trump did not include Sean Spicer, his WH Press Secretary and devout Catholic, in his meeting with Pope Francis yesterday.  A public snub as Trump mulls future staff shake ups, indicating Spicer will be either fired or placed under new duties.


This fat, blowhard, spray tanned, bleached blonde red face bastard DID make sure the camera caught him at all angles with the Pope.   Instead of being serious with His Holiness, Thumper displays his shit eating grin for all to see and admire.




Pope Francis Meets USA President Donald Trump


9 thoughts on “How Sad!!

  1. Hello B’man. He certainly can’t act the least presidential, so he’s just an idiot. But what is the bigger agenda here by getting him in office???

  2. Does it matter? We will be ruled by one group of Jews or another in the US. We are still suffering under the 2 radicals Jews Bill Clinton put on the Supreme Court.. Hillary was no option. So, what is the bigger agenda/

    1. Yes he does and he probly believes it. His smirking and shoving himself across his first world trip has embarrassed us all.

      1. You aren’t the only ones who can feel ashamed of their prez. Our zio-jewshill president is also a fucking disaster anywhere he goes. And he is good terms with the Trump… Cohencide? I think not!

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