YOUR HERO (A picture says more than a thousand words)

Thumper looks as stupefyingly bored as he always does. Maybe if he finds the presidency tiresome enough, he’ll bail. Click on the source for his gaff about Israel.

The Gas Mask Blog - Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO

Donald Trump on the jewish wall YES SIR, HE DID IT!!

Well, at least if you had doubts on whether he was on our side… now you see it.


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7 thoughts on “YOUR HERO (A picture says more than a thousand words)

  1. Good question. Not at all, just a race betraying goy asshole who sucks up to them to fill his coffers. You can love this shit tribe without being a jew, although his ugly daughter converted to marry a rich one.

  2. Well, I read some sources that claim that he is at least a quarter-jew. Can’t remember where, however.
    But you are right, there’s no need to be of the “chosen ones” to “love” (shill) for Israhell. And I think his son also married a jewess.
    One of the most sickening sights you can see, the shilling of Gentiles for I$rahell. Even entire religions like the Evangelist (Evangélicos) shill for I$rahell more than the Catholic Church of today. They are quite a sight, here in South America. (In Brazil they are legion, and they are rapidly expanding on to Argentina and other Latin American countries).
    It’s puke inducing when they name their children “Israel” , “Enoch” or something like that.
    If they only knew…

    1. A sad but perceptive comment. However, if there is one thing the jews hate more then us Goyim, it is those that betray their own kind. The jews success comes from sticking together like glue. If these goys think helping the jews will save them, they are sadly mistaken; they will be the first to be slaughtered when the time comes.

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