Can 2016 Election Be Nullified?

Read the astonishing article on an attempt to nullify the Trump election and calling for a new one.

While the article concludes this is a waste of time, this could be a first step in getting rid of this dangerous, bumbling fool.



20 thoughts on “Can 2016 Election Be Nullified?

  1. Shocking! Others are calling for Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office for being “insane”.

    In the end, it will be one group of Jews or another group of Jews that runs the show..

    1. @larryzb: you are entirely correct. If Trump goes, it’s part of the puppet show. Cabal inserts another puppet.

    1. @cartiermccloud: yes, so any orchestrated departure of trump is part of the show. It’s all one big show.

  2. If the shit prez we have here in Argieland doesn’t have things going his way, he will be trashed in the mid-term (s)elections… Maybe he is going to end like another De La Rua… A lot of people think that… heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody made a bet against it.
    (FYI, De La Rua was forced to resign in 2001, after the riots in Argentina, caused due to the “corralito”, which made impossible to people to take money from the banks beyond a small amount)… That was a very “hot” December, I tell you…

      1. I don’t remember much about those times, except that I was pissed off at the fucking politicians… The Menem goverment put us in deep debt, and when we ran out of money, and when the Argentinian State couldn’t pay its debts to the IMF, things went ballistic.

  3. Pertaining to Trump, I recall my father saying last week that he might be ousted via a military coup. While he didn’t tell me where he got that idea, I can’t rule it entirely out… Or maybe, like some peeps say, the Trump might be assassinated. To be honest, I believe that it has more chances of happening… In the (very slight) chance that my father ends up being right, you guys will be MAJORLY, UTTERLY screwed… Reading the shit about the Noahide laws makes me uneasy about the military coup thing… and I’m thousands of miles away, miss… If the Trump resigns, do you think that Pence might fulfill the role well? Or that he will resign as well?

  4. I really don’t think we are set up for a military action. Thumper will either be impeached after the investigation or, like Nixon, resign. I think even he, the buffoon of the century, would see the wisdom in that, if he can just get past his fucking ego. We have protocols in place in case of this, VP is sworn in, etc. We really don’t know anything about Pence except that he used to be governor of Indiana. He’s a Thumper yes man so we don’t know how he will steer the White House. I’m sure he’ll be much better then that asshole in now. Hell, even I could do things better.

    1. Sure you can do things better than those two!! But you will have to watch your back, ma’am… You guys have an uncanny series of presidential assasinations… almost as much as our tally of military dictatorships…

      1. I would be your vice prez…! Only that I can’t, cause I am an alien…! I watch your back, lady… Remember spammers!! They are pesky and like to flatter bloggers so to get their comments pass moderation!! At least I can help you with that 🙂

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