Healthcare Gutted

While Republicans pass their version of the “healthcare” bill and spend their Rose Garden announcement slapping each other’s ass and jerking off, this is what the bill is all about.  Make sure you click on the links:

U.S. President Trump greets Speaker Ryan as he gathers with Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

Hopefully, this will die in the Senate.  Remember, the weaker, sicker and more frightened we are, the easier we can be controlled.


9 thoughts on “Healthcare Gutted

      1. Also, I think that your link limit that triggers the sending of messages to the spam folder is 2. When I sent you those two cat memes together, that message got caught in the spam folder -or at least, it told me that it was pending of approval-. The other images -which I sent you one by one- didn’t trigger the spam filter. They got published instantly.

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