A Little History; A Little Warning

This excellent article from the Occidental Observer shows how the sinking of the Lusitania ushered the US into WW I, proving that a few American lives are as nothing and will be used to further the agenda of decimating Western lives until White European culture lies in smoking ruins, never to rise again.  While the authors don’t specifically mention the jews, their slimy residue is smeared on all our history.


For one of the best analysis of both world wars, read this PDF download by Mike King, The Bad War.   It is no longer available from Amazon, although many of his other books are.  I suggest you snap them up before the jews further restrict them.


As with Saddam Hussein, the so called gas attack in Syria will prove to be a hoax or false flag.   They killed Hussein for this, they will not stop until Assad is dead or gone.   Syria is part of the chess game Israel is playing to secure a circle of “safety” around the jews.  Another real war is gearing up.  Trump is merely a pawn to trigger it.


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