Thoughtless Thumper

President Trump gives garbled speech as he is about to sign 2 new EO regarding American jobs and workers, using his trade mark: “Very very” approximately 3 times, emphasizing again, his limited vocabulary.   Then he wanders toward the door as a reporter shouts at him about General Flynn’s possible testimony.  Video title says STORMS OUT but I see him just forgetting about signing the Orders.  He motions from the doorway for Pence to bring them to him as he retreats down the hall.

If this incompetent buffoon continues in the same vein, we will have a very short Trump presidency.  I see calls for him to be removed as unfit for office OR, if Flynn’s testimony is as hot as he says it is, impeachment.

Time will tell.



13 thoughts on “Thoughtless Thumper

  1. Hahahahahaha…! sorry… I shouldn’t laugh…
    He REALLY looks like an actor, or a buffon. A bored buffon, I should add.
    He looked like he was going to fall asleep while standing!!

    1. I know that. But don’t worry, our prez and his party are a bunch of retards too, so, there’s no shortage of faux passes and hijinks coming from them either… It is a constant of so-called “democratic” governments, the current president it is always worse than the last… unless it’s his/her second period. However, the second period is never as good as the first one, if you can call the first one good at all.

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