Credible News Source

Here is proof of where our president, Thumper, gets his “news” information.  Nope, nothing fake here!  This interview took place Dec 2, 2015 before his Republican nomination.

We are in so much fucking trouble with this asshole at the helm.



15 thoughts on “Credible News Source

  1. I appreciate being made aware of President Trump’s inadequate and incomplete knowledge of what’s going on, but just what was the alternative to the “asshole”? We were not in so much trouble if Hillary became President? You can’t be serious, because if you are, then you are more of an asshole than Trump.

  2. My point being is that this president has been getting and is NOW getting his information from television and uncredible conspiracy websites. Please see my article on his apparent inability to read and comprehend. If you’ve gone over my site at all, you will realize that the jews PLACE in office those who will further their agenda.

    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. “

  3. Do you love to argue? I know arguing comes naturally to me. Your point was Trump is an asshole — as if Hillary was not. That was all I was addressing, not the rest of what you had to say, which I largely was in agreement with.

    I watched all the videos from Pakman, etc. on Trump, and I thank you for them. I normally avoid Pakman and anything directly Leftist, but those videos were definitely eye-opening and they made me sad. I tip my hat (and I do wear a hat) to you for helping me have a deeper grasp of the President.

    I know two older people, one in his late seventies and a woman in her late eighties, both of whom are like Trump — they do not read, have less than functional literacy, and yet one has run a very successful restaurant business for 30 years and another was a successful housewife and mother who raised three now full grown adult children, worked in customer service for 40 years, too, and now fully owns her own house and car.

    Neither of these people seem to have done poorly with their lives or with themselves.

    That being said, I am very disappointed in Trump’s skills. If he signs contracts and bills without reading them, that’s a built-in liability. One does expect more from the leader of the so-called free world. But maybe, like the two older people I managed, he will move us forward for the good after all.

    If he’s dependent upon television for info (as are the two elderly people I mentioned above), he still has a brain to discern what’s useful and what’s not. After all, he did figure out fake news.

    We just can’t hope he will figure out the Jews and Israel, particularly if TV and InfoWars are his sole reference sources. He needs more support than he’s getting. He’s a normal White guy who loves America and does not want to see it destroyed.

  4. Also, as a plus, since Trump doesn’t read, there won’t be an extensive and expensive President library he’ll pass on as a legacy, one that the taxpayer will have to support, as just happened with Obama.

  5. Thanks for your excellent and thoughtful comments. I never intimated Hillary would be better. We had no choice in the matter. Most people who can’t or don’t read, have a bevy of people around them to take care of literary necessities for them. Thumper is a smart man, but he is also a jew tool and knows it.

    I don’t care for everything Pakman posts but he’s very perceptive and digs deep, whatever the subject.

    I thought the libraries were donor supported, thanks for the info.

  6. These are interesting comments. We really had no choice – we never do. Hillary would have even been worse., I know that is not encouraging nor much compensation though.

    1. Larry, why don’t you list all the reasons Hillary would be worse then this buffoon. Maybe I’ll do an article on it. Thanks.

  7. You are completely right. We have to play the cards we’re dealt. Unfortunately, Thumper is too egotistical and stupid, literally, to see and do what’s right for the country. He will do whatever the jewboobies tell him to.

    1. The Jews run the whole world. We will be blogging on that next week.

      As to the reasons Hillary would have been worse, these are many and diverse. At this juncture, would this be worth revisiting? She may think that she will get the nomination in 2020, but it will be Kamala Harris of California who wins the nomination. The Dems cannot risk low black voter turnout in the future. As well, they need all the fanatical feminists to vote, too.

  8. I only asked because you brought it up. Maybe so, we’ll have to see. We’ve already had a nigger in the WH, after Thumper even a bitch would look good, I guess.

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