Reading, Righting & Rumours

I have come across some very disturbing rumours that our president is illiterate and can barely, if at all, read.   See what you think.  If this is true, we are in so much trouble that I am, frankly, frightened.




29 thoughts on “Reading, Righting & Rumours

    1. I appreciate the feedback, but for argument’s sake, the evidence that the gay Jew provided against Trump is strictly circumstantial. You can see Trump reading long lines from the teleprompter for yourself. Everyone can. He can’t be memorizing everything because that would simply take too much time. Yes, for his Joint Session speech, he probably memorized it. But only on big official events. I think the idea that he can’t read is as good as Pelosi’s claim that Trump worked with Putin to win the U.S. election. We live in a print-privileged society whereas in the past the oral tradition dominated, especially even in the South until just before Eudora Welty died. She used the oral traditions in the South to put her borrowed tales into print. And we print-lovers think we’re smarter. Where’s the proof?

      1. Perhaps, but the real point is that Thumper is unfit for office of the Presidency, for many reasons. This is just one.

      2. Perhaps, but . . . ? If you grant me one point, you can’t claim he’s unfit at the same time and without proof. You haven’t offered any proof. Remarks are not knowledge.

      3. I can see from his behavior, decisions and speeches that he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s a businessman, who also, had 6 bankruptcies in his career. He has no military, government or economic policy experience. He has yet to publicly address the North Korean provocations and the quarrels regarding his health care plan, because he is too busy tweeting about mysterious wire taps and Arnold’s dismissal from his old show. He refuses to read the reports that his admin prepares for him, because he can’t. He is flying by the seat of his expensive silk pants and I think he will eventually be removed from office.

        Why you’re defending him, I don’t know. Do you really think he is our Great White Hope like so many others do??

      4. My “defense” of Trump appears to you to exist because I’ve been attacking your arguments. Your last installment about the reasons why you find him unfit are not as terrible as your previous ones, but you do demand an awful lot from a guy who has been besieged the very moment he got into office though he is actually trying to do some of the things he promised in his campaign.

        I don’t think I’ve seen a President in my lifetime treated with as much disrespect as you and your ilk are dishing out like mean girls from a privileged high school. Do you think a President has to wear a halo around his head and carry a shining sword and spout the Pledge of Allegiance every 15 seconds in order to be a fit President?

        I know a lot of Trump’s background. He plays ball with the dirtiest of the dirty. He’s a New Yorker, a true Jew-oriented New Yorker. Yes, he contradicts himself. He doesn’t write his own books. He’s been bankrupt several times over. This is life experience. Isn’t everyone entitled to it?

        For myself, knowing who he is, I want to see if he’s going to do any good finally for the country. I don’t think he has to be squeaky clean and virtue-signal every five minutes like you’d like him to do. I’m willing to give him time and a little space. You are part of the generation that wants everything NOW. Where do you get your sense of entitlement?

  1. Besides, Thumper is a showman and is used to television and live shows, he knows how to perform and gets around his reading and comprehension problems with plenty of help from his staff who try to keep him pointed in the right directions. His personal tweeting, other then him dictating them to a secretary, shows clearly his reading and writing defects, he can’t even construct a proper sentence.

    1. That Trump’s a showman makes him perfect for the job, not unfit. That his writing isn’t impeccable just proves he won’t be writing a speech like the Gettysburg Address.

      The real matter of fitness for the Presidency has to do with how well he follows the U.S. Constituion, and from what I’ve been reading, ALL of the Presidents in the 20th century have been totally unfit for the job, were completely cavalier about following what the Founding Fathers , Congress and the Supreme Court laid out as laws, regulations and guidelines, and they all have abused their office, from Wilson, through Teddy Roosevelt, to Franklin Delanore Roosevelt for sure, for Truman as well as for Nixon, Clinton, and Obama.

      The prior Presidents have disgraced the Presidency with their dictatorial, socialist agenda for which there has never been any Constitutional sanction. You’re picking at minuscule details and don’t have your eyes on the main problem. How far is Trump going to be a real U.S. Constitutional President, how far back is he going to cut “imperial orders” that the prior Presidents (plural) have left him as their legacy?

      1. Interesting points but very general, please give me some specific links on this and I’ll study them, specifically, what imperial orders.

        As for my comments, I’ve watched him on and off for years, he’s not shutting off his public behavior behind closed doors. Who he is will carry far beyond what is shown to us and will affect everything about his presidency.

        The very fact that he PUBLICLY accuses the former president of wiretapping his personal phone shows he has no idea of the constitutional procedures to be followed in assessing the truth. If true, he blurted out in social media, classified information. He’s a god damn idiot and one day you’ll see it.

      2. “Please give me some links on this.” LOL! Like you have never heard of how American presidents are “imperial”? Like you never learned that Woodrow Wilson’s decision to put America into WWI was the end of what America and its Constitution stood for? Like you’ve never interested yourself in the question, “If this is not Constitutional, why is he doing it?”

        Here’s a book that just came out last year, written by a Southerner and a historian: 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America by Brion McClanahan.

        McClanahan references Arthur Schlesinger’s earlier book: The Imperial Presidency.

        And there are others.

        My start began years ago with “Cracks in the Constitution” by Ferdinand Lundberg.

        It deals not so much with imperial Presidents but the loopholes or vague renderings that allow someone like Franklin Roosevelt to render the whole of the Constitution pointless. America has NEVER recovered financially or constitutionally from Roosevelt’s decision to bring the US into WWII and, at the same time, to develop “big government.” It’s sad.

  2. You flatter me but I am NOT of the “generation” that wants everything now. You really have not addressed anything I’ve pointed out nor offered to give me the links I requested. If thumper’s current behavior carries over into the next 4 years, we are in a lot of trouble. If he had kept his mouth shut and gotten to work the minute he came into office, I would agree with you and would be willing to wait and see.

    He lied about several campaign promises, like releasing his tax returns and arresting Hillary Clinton, among others. He speeches were nothing but broad generalities with no specifics. He has no dignity, class or restraint. He is nothing but a distraction to the bigger picture. He was PLACED in office just for that.

    If you don’t know what the bigger picture is, please go over my site, starting at the earliest posts.

    And don’t think I am blowing you off; you are engaging and intelligent and hope you stick around;P We will not always agree but certainly can learn from each other.

    1. If you’re not of the generation I spoke of, your verbal behavior puts you in that league. I gave you links. I’m done. You are just making idle accusations and assertions and you are happy doing that. That’s all you’re doing. Continue. I’m taking my marbles and going home now. Maybe when you’ve calmed down you’ll be more civil.

      1. I am not angry at you and have been nothing but civil during this whole conversation. You’re just pissed that I don’t agree with you. If that’s your childish take, take care.

      2. Did I say you were angry? I didn’t. I said you were not happy. You didn’t deny it. You said I was pissed. No. Just tired. The back and forth between uys wasn’t leading anywhere, and I saw that, and you were typing out responses faster than I might think and give a proper argument. So, yeah, you won the keyboard warrior competition!!! Yay!! Yay for you!!! Enough said. See you later

  3. Thank you very much for the links. I am more aware than you can imagine of how the jews got us into all of our wars, including the Civil War and how our jew ass kissing presidents concurred. I know exactly who Hilter was and how our Allies (jews) nearly destroyed Germany, I also know that Thumper is just another jew tool to destroy this country and the rest of the world. I also know how the jews are scheming for a war with Iran and Russia in order to completely topple the Middle East so they have total control, etc, etc, etc.

    To Obama’s credit, his last act was to snub Israel, sending little Bibi into a frenzy

    I will check out your links in time, and respond back here. Thanks again.

    1. THANKS! I totally get you from your summary. What you wrote shows me we are on the same page actually on essentials and in regard to Trump and in regard to Obama (not that he had a genuine principle involved in his giving an FU to Israel. He gave it so much money during his 8-year- reign, it isn”t funny. Israel just wanted more, greedy little parasitic rogue country that it is). Thanks, again. I appreciate what you wrote, detailing your stance. Thumbs up! (And to think I was going to call you “poopy pants” in my last comment as I was taking my marbles home! I didn’t. I behaved. :-))

  4. You are certainly free to take your time answering, I find rushing a man very unsatisfactory in the end. And yes, I always win, get used to it;P

    1. You still are at it, eh? Can’t get enough of me, huh? You want to argue some more. How can you “always” win? Nobody visits your site but me, man! And the only thing you do is type fast. You have picky, nagging complaints that are supposed to mean something something. You misread my words, label them whatever way you like, like “general,” and then type out all of your shrill nya-nya-nya-nya-nya out as fast as you can. That’s not winning an argument. That’s playing a game. But it’s your website and you like to roll that way. All I need to know is the rules of your game, which you have given away, so I’m better informed what kind of varmint (cat/pussy is right) I’m dealing with. No offense. Trump plays dirty too. Now I’m really taking my marbles and my skateboard and leaving. See ya later — Cartier.

      1. Too bad you’re not man enough to deal with a little joking sarcasm. Go ahead and keep on kissing your asshole, one day you’ll fall right in. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to play ball with the pitbull downstairs.

      2. Too bad you’re a sensitive snowflake who when he feels his true talents are not being praised, he lashes out like a Nasty Woman a ala Ashley Judd.

        Are you going to stop the bullshit and be real? You think you’re good as expressing sarcasm. When I read between the lines with your remark, I only see empty space.

  5. U.S. Finalizes Deal to Give Israel $38 Billion in Military Aid. JERUSALEM — The United States has finalized a $38 billion package of military aid for Israel over the next 10 years, the largest of its kind ever, and the two allies plan to sign the agreement on Wednesday, American and Israeli officials said.Sep 13, 2016

    Guess he made up for that FU! Will be interesting to see if thumper adds or detracts from it. At any rate, we could both be wrong, we’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

  6. I’m baa–aa-aaa-acck! Yeah, this news is sad., but Trump didn’t start this “legacy” of wealth to Israel. Neither did Obama. I mentioned the imperial presidency by way of Arthur Schlesinger, and we talked a little about the fitness of Trump for the President and I asserted that no 20th century President has been “fit” if by “fit” we are talking about honoring the U.S. Constitution. But, though we like to think the buck stops with the President, that’s not the way the U.S. Constitution works. The President is NOT the leader of the people. We have three branches of government, and they’re all supposed to be equal. So, in the matter of giving money to Israel, where’s the Congress to stop this? Where’s a Supreme Court judge to denounce the giving away of money and letting the US fight Israel’s battles? Trump said he wants to make America great again and yet he’s 1000 percent for Israel. Right there, his statement shows he doesn’t understand the constitutional role he’s been voted in to take. But Congress doesn’t speak up. The Supreme Court doesn’t speak up. It’s not all on the President’s shoulders, Cartier. We’ve been taught that all responsibility lies with the President — a lie — because of what Roosevelt’s legacy has been. His force and vehement disregard of the U.S. Constitution changed politics in the U.S. and every single Congress critter since has gone along with the program — including the Supreme Court.

  7. I’m a woman, not a he. And far too much a one for you. I know shit when I see it, so go boo hoo somewhere else.

    1. Well, now. Another key to the game! That explains your moody arguments, your finickiness, etc. I totally get it. Your behavior suits you much better than it did on the other Cartier who I was beginning to think was a closeted gay male! OK! I didn’t know you were a woman. No fault of yours exactly. I thought Cartier was a funny name for a man but I just went with it. I apologize for misunderstanding you as a woman as well as your attitude(s).

      1. I thought that it was, but glad you spell it out. There was a fictional detective named Carter. As I thought about the other Cartier, I thought of him as Carter. It’s a bit unusual for a woman to have this name, no? Or is it more usual if you’re French?

  8. My mother thought I’d be a champagne and caviar kind of girl, but I ended up with hamburger and beer;)

    I really have to go and play ball with the pitbull downstairs and get back to reading Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique.

    See you soon.

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