Credible News Source

Here is proof of where our president, Thumper, gets his “news” information.  Nope, nothing fake here!  This interview took place Dec 2, 2015 before his Republican nomination.

We are in so much fucking trouble with this asshole at the helm.



Four Years Of This

If anyone thinks this clown has somehow slipped in under the jew radar to save our White butts, you had better think again.  After 8 years of nigger stench, which was a bone the jews threw to the apes to shut them up, this White, rich buffoon was PLACED in office to shut US up.

The undermining & destroying of our country and race continues in the background as we whoop and holler, for and against, this tasteless and frightening, representative of our once great nation.

His first roll out of the immigration travel ban, was rushed, thoughtless and provisionally barren.  This was done deliberately to sow chaos and fear throughout not just this country, but the world.  I was surprised that Mexico was NOT included in the countries listed.  The new EO on illegal immigration will do no better.  At any rate, I close with this old Chinese curse:  May you live in interesting times.

While we all know that Western Europe is being destroyed, as per the Koran, by violent muslims, that is not the point here.   Thumper deliberately put out false information regarding Sweden without any clarification.  And of course, he got it from the “fake news” he rails against.   Notice that it’s only fake news if it is critical of his administration.

This fellow blogger, an hysterical Thump lover, who is otherwise very intelligent, posted the following article in defense of the Sweden remark:

The Artful Dodger

Remember, Kellyanne Conway is Thump’s SENIOR advisor/counselor.

Conway also betrayed her White Race Heritage by marrying a fat Filipino lawyer and having mixed kids by him.


George T. Conway III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

She is Thumper’s out front & public representative and is just as much a bumbling fool as he is.  This is why the jews placed him in office, to distract us from their world wide agenda of decimation and extermination of the White/Goy race.  While the world is laughing at us, the stinking jews are coming up behind us.

God help us all.