Jew Boy Jon Stewart

Comedian Jon Stewart, a jew, tries, like all jews, to rewrite history.

The fact that Stewart won’t even consider trying to pitch this endless “treasure” to Israelis speaks volumes.  Indeed, the fact that the question is now regarded as anti-Semitic per se (mostly to shut off debate and prevent American and European gentiles from seeing the double standard) speaks volumes as well.

  • Hans Holtzcamp should not even be a little surprised that jew boy Jon isn’t pitching race mixing to his tribe.   Jews have forbidden their own misogyny for thousands of years, that’s how they stay “pure.”  However, history show plenty of racial integration in the various civilizations and cultures they over took.  It’s not the race of the jews that matters, only their tribalism and agenda of exterminating Whites.  That’s what we have to remember, not some jew boy trying to re-write history.


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