Gentile Resistance 101

For instance, it is the Jews themselves who are, as a whole group, paranoiac. The major symptoms of paranoia
are delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution. For four thousand years these jews have been ranting
that they are “God’s Chosen People” (a delusion which would get a single individual committed in a minute if it
were not made the fetish of a whole “religion”) and, at the same time, we are endlessly reminded, with pitiful
wails, that “Jews are persecuted,” they are always “innocent scapegoats,” anti-Semitism is “hate,” etc., etc.
These are clear-cut and inescapable proofs of paranoiac tendencies.
George Lincoln Rockwell

I learned, from the article called “Khazars” in The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Jews, that most
Jews are not even Semites or descendants of the Hebrew people of Palestine, and thus of Christ’s people, but
mostly the descendants of a semi-oriental tribe in central Russia called “Khazars” or “Chazars”, whose king,
Bulaban, in the sixth century after Christ, ordered his people en masse to become “Jews”. I discovered that these
‘Jews’, called ‘Ashkenazim’ in the ‘trade’, as distinguished from the real, Semitic Jews, called ‘Sephardim’,
constitute the bulk and the leadership of the people we call “Jews”. It is swarms of these ‘Khazars’, with their
oriental heritage, who are pushing us around, forcing integration on us, degrading our culture with their filthy
‘art’ of chaos and pornography and, worst of all, spreading the disease of Communism — all the while hiding in
the robes of the Jewish ‘religion’. GLR

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