Putin: Russia Not Influencing the Election, but Trump Speaks for the People

While I am apolitical, I admire Putin and all he’s done for Russia. Make sure you click on the WSJ link for his full interview.


putin winking

You can always count on Vladimir Putin to offer thoughtful, truthful opinions about world affairs. What a great and honest man, compared to America’s deceivers.

What caught my eye in Putin’s discussion is his observation about how ridiculous it is for the press to be claiming that Russia would have any chance of influencing how Americans vote.

As we know, there are large racial groups, not including the European-American population, who vote solely on the basis of their group interest, which generally means overriding meritocracy in favor of affirmative action.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal

MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin has no preference in the U.S. presidential elections but Republican candidate Donald Trump does reflect the needs of average people “who don’t like that power is being transferred by inheritance.”

Mr. Trump “is, of course, extravagant,” Mr. Putin said during a televised conference in the southern city of…

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