Why do so many believe in the absurd Holocaustᵀᴹ myth?

The holohoax, like the rest of the lies of history, is manipulated and used by the jews as a shield against any investigation or questioning of their decades of extermination of the White Race. As the “eternal victims,” no blame can ever be laid at their feet while they reap the reparations from guilt fed Gentiles, especially Germans, who during the 1800’s through the 1940s, represented the cream of White European Culture, are forced to pay for their clearing the jews from Germany after WW I and the rise of Hitler. The jewish religion also states that their messiah will not come nor will they be redeemed until 6 million of them have been murdered.
Lies are the law of the land while the truth stands naked and alone.

Alison Chabloz

Holocaust or Hoax by Jurgen Graf p.149-51

A question to which revisionists would like a convincing answer: What is the explanation for the irrational behaviour of an entire people which apparently believes in an absurd (Holocaust) legend (myth)?

The Holocaust – with its gas chambers which constantly change location; its millions of victims who disappear without a trace into blue vapour at Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka, after being murdered by Hitler’s SS butchers, either with Zyklon B insecticide or Diesel exhaust, not to mention mass shootings Babi Yar-style (where the victims also disappear without a trace) – is, and remains, first and foremost a unique proof of the monumental stupidity of our age. In the early 1980s – when the major absurdities of the Holocaust swindle had already been exploded, with the exception of a few details – most revisionist researchers thought it inconceivable that the legend could persist more…

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