8 thoughts on “Elie Wiesel -Liar, Faker & Weasel

  1. Elie Wiesel is supposed to come from a Hungarian speaking part of Romania, but he cannot speak Hungarian,as can be seen on the video “Elie Wiesel comes home”. He always spoke English with a thick Serbian accent. He came to France from his native Yugoslavia in 1954 and his entry card from the Yugoslav Embassy in Paris can be seen on the internet. The card shows his photo but not his real name, which must be something Serbian. He was used by the US as an ambassador to the Balkans during the Yugoslav civil war, presumably because of his knowledge of the language.

  2. I just found proof that Elie Wiesel spoke Serbo-Croat (the language used in Serbia and Croatia). In the ABC video on the internet “Elie Wiesel visits Bosnia” a man on his right at 3.20 mins speaks to him in Serbo-Croat without a translator.

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