Erich Musham-Hater of Germans

This ugly, dirty jew wrote a poem about decimating the White German Race.  Original link is in German so I am copying it from Google Translate.  My thanks to Remember The 14 Words for alerting me to this.  The German link is in his post.

Jewish writer Erich Mühsam ... New text Germany song ... Jewish racism 4
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Hello Wiggerl,

This very current text was leaked to me yesterday by mail. Fits actually quite good for the current mixing.

Best wishes
 K.-H. copper
The Jewish writer Erich Mühsam, Erich difficulty had to expiate a Bavarian imprisonment in Niederschönenfeld for his part in the Munich soviet republic, already wrote in 1923 a new fünfstophiges Germany song (sing to the known melody), whose third verse reads Virgin, you let copulate / legs wide, her Ehefrau'n, / and gives birth to us mulattos

For the dissolution of the German people devoted Mühsam 1923 the Germans - and especially the German women - the following lines:

This poem to have been delivered on 06.02.1992 against 19:15 in Germany radio by actress Lotte Loebinger in song form (melody of the German national anthem).

Flows Crew armies,
black and red and brown and yellow,
that the Deutschtum increases,
From the Adige to the Belt!

Black White Red Virgin Shirts
waving proudly from every roof,
greet you, dark stranger:
was welcome, black disgrace!

Virgin, you let copulate,
Legs wide, her Ehefrau'n,
and gives birth to us mulattos,
possible chocolate brown!

Black, Red, Brown, Yellow,
Negro people from around the world,
go over the Rhine and Elbe,
comes after Niederschönenfeld!

Flows brought in dunk'ler mass,
and rushes out loud noise:
cleans the German race,
was welcome, black disgrace!

Mulatto / possible chocolate brown! "



2 thoughts on “Erich Musham-Hater of Germans

  1. Jewish art, if there is something that can be called jewish art, it’s absolutely disgusting. That’s one of the reasons why the Germans began resenting the jews… The only art from them that might be passable (decent) has large Aryan influences on it… Left to themselves, they do not produce anything good.
    Art is a reflection of the soul*, and their souls are rotten, thus, is no wonder that they can only do rotten art.
    *And it’s also a reflection of their illwill towards us, as well. Remember that they control almost all the media, and they pour their poison onto us…

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