Paul Joseph Watson

Watson betrays the White Race.  Kisses jew ass and sucks jew cock.


Anyone who continues to suck up to Watson can kiss MY White Ass.


7 thoughts on “Paul Joseph Watson

  1. I used to have the utmost respect for Watson, but what a cowardly asshole he is. No evidence? Open your fucking eyes. EVERY single entertainment/information medium, in the world, is controlled by the jews. Is he blind?

  2. As did I. Watson knows the truth but is a jew troll working through jew troll Alex Jones. Nothing that has come out of Infowars has been relevant. They all think they are exposing the NWO, Bilderbergs, Elites, military/industrial complex and Satanists, but these are all masks the jews hide behind. All of us were fooled at one point. I don’t know who pays Watson’s salary but he knows where to keep his mouth shut.

    In fact, I may just go to his channel link this article and give the proof.

  3. It is very interesting to hear this video of Paul Joseph Watson. We can now be sure that he is controlled opposition. Who is this Paul Joseph Watson? I had always thought he was American, but from his accent it is clear that he is from Lancashire in England. How did he end up in America working for Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones? I do not remember him as a journalist in England. From his face he looks like a Jew. The other strange thing, nobody in England calls themselves by three names, they would be just called Paul Watson. Where does this Paul Joseph Watson name come from? Is his real name something Jewish?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I believe from what I read that he is from Kent. However, many people use 3 names to stand out from the crowd. Many celebrities do it:

      Paul and Joseph are very common by themselves, but using both with his surname makes him stand out. I also found this video which exposes him and the Infowars agenda.

      He has a FB page, feel free to make some comments:P

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