website shut down because of Hillary Clinton Cartoon

While I am not political because the stinking jews control everything, I could not resist posting this in defense of our dwindling free speech.

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

UPDATE: As of 11:30 pm MDT site is back up- lame excuse given by hosting company, very suspicious. We are now working with a web site developer pro who will be working with us to redesign and move to a secure server imune to attacks. Thanks for your concern and patience!

takendown has been shut down again for the third time! Each time the website was suspended was when a Hillary Clinton cartoon went viral! 


Apparently Hillary Clinton and her internet minions do not believe in freedom of speech. The website had a large amount of traffic this morning, but bandwidth was not an issue! We are working on getting the site back up. Will keep you updated. Thank you for the support!


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