Hollywood Hype

A new attack on David Irving:



6 thoughts on “Hollywood Hype

  1. I applaud David Irving’s courage, wisdom, and tenacity, in disproving the (((accepted))) view of history. I am mystified, however, by his wholly gratuitous slams at a person who is admired, by many, for HER courage and dedication to a cause. I recently read Irving’s biography of Hermann Goering, and found it to be one of the best biographies, of anyone, that I have ever read. In that book are two references to Hanna Reitsch, a remarkable and courageous test-pilot. In the first reference, she is described as a “fanatical Nazi” and, in the second instance, as the “mistress” of her commanding officer, one General Greim. Both statements are bald-faced lies and are examples of character assassination, for no reason whatsoever.

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