VNN Tweets 2

A cop is a hero when he takes out a nigger. We need to start on the jews, as well.



An additional list of excellent tweets collected from the feed of @A_Linder_5 Read them, internalize them, re-post them.

If you’re not against the jews, you’re with them, whether you realize it or not.

Diversity is all about bringing whites down to the colored level genetically.

How did the Romans look at Christianity? The way Clint spit on the beetle in Outlaw Josey Wales. And this remains the correct view of things.

There’s a difference between hierarchy and genuine elitism. A king is no guarantee of anything except a reax falling to knees and sucking.

Christianity is soft genocide for whites. The cult’s doctrines devalue race, and yes, that is tantamount to being pro-#whitegenocide.

Jews persecute and discriminate against christians daily in USA, but only an atheist will point it out. Christians are #crosscucks

Civilization is achieved against and in spite of religious faith, which is at best a means of…

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