Rockwell on altruism

We are fools for ourselves.


American Nazi Party Founder George L. Rockwell 05 Jun 1965 — Original caption: 6/5/1965-A huge swastika adorns the wall over the fireplace as George Lincoln Rockwell leans on the mantlepiece. Rockwell feels that his main political strength in America lies “with the working man.” He is confident of victory in his campaign to be Governor of Virginia. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

“Only the Aryan develops this super objective liberalism which leads the victims to deny their own best interests and fight for the “rights” of human weeds and trash.

All the rest of humanity untouched by this Nordic ability to think and feel idealistically, unselfishly and objectively, goes about its business in the old fashioned way of INSTINCT, with selfish singlemindness for their own welfare.”

-G. Lincoln Rockwell

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