Does White Activism Have a Future on Social Media?

After they shut us off the internet, they will shut us off in life, but with bombs instead of bans.


5 thoughts on “Does White Activism Have a Future on Social Media?

  1. The Jews plan to exterminate Whites that will allow them to unleash their terminators and superviruses on the entire planet to bring in Planet Zion is a plan with many holes in it as it rests on the idea of keeping everyone fighting long enough to put it into place before the people get wise. Read BRAVE NEW WORLD this is the exact vision of the new Jewish planet, a transhumanist hell where robots serve your every need, babies are grown in laboratories and thought is dead. The Mud People are expendable and they will die soon after we do. At least that’s the Jews plan.

    The Talmudic Planet Zion is a new planet where theoretically god will come to earth and reign over them, and the god this speaks of is Satan. Whatever your beliefs about Christianity or religion in general it makes no difference the fact is this is what drives the Jewish Transhumanist dream. Ray Kurizweil says they will merge man and machine. You think they’d waste that tech on Nonwhites or anyone else who aint a Jew? Absolutely not. Tribe Only. There is a reason Science Fiction movies and writing is Jewish.

    1. They won’t need anyone to pick that cotton once the robots can do it for them and that’s coming. Of course they will also be selectively breeding humans in laboratories after the model of BRAVE NEW WORLD. The Negro or Indian isn’t what they want for the future. The Negro is too destructive and volatile and the Indians have a discernable culture and are intelligent enough to make their own way in some form. Neither do they want Latin American people as some Latinos are almost pure white and others aren’t and their Spanish blood and Catholic nature plays against the Jew as well. This is why I say at the end of the day EVERYONE GOES, the Jew needs an entirely new human race he can mold in his image. I am fully preparing for the Terminators and Skynet because there is a reason the Jews keep running LIFE AFTER PEOPLE and THE TERMINATOR on tv. They are telling us their real plan. All this stuff about the Race of the Future is nonsense. They want rid of all the Goyim and their replacement will be laboratory bred and lobotomized ala Brave New World.

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